Plan in the making!

To anyone still checking this blog that I run like molasses, I feel like I should mention something I've got brewing right now!

I'm moving back to Los Angeles at the end of the summer and one of my biggest goals once I'm there is to start up a site that will focus on OTHER people's style...not a street style blog though. I want to go deeper into how these individuals develop their own look, where they find the goods, inspirations, who they are, not just the clothes...all up in their grill, basically. The plan is to literally see inside their closets, through photos and even short videos, because I find what gets someone to their finished outfit is more interesting than one photo. Street style and personal blogs always leave me wondering more of what people have, do, go...the works! There are maybe one or two other sites similar to this idea out there, but I want my focus to be on girls and guys from the Southern California area, where anything goes, who have extremely individual tastes and aren't already plastered on popular sites...normal people with not-so-normal style, doing notable work at that! If you or anyone you know would be interested in contributing on the development or being featured, please do shoot me an email or message on here! Keep in mind, this is in the works still, so it's not going to take off in a week, but my hopes are to get it debuted within a year.

My biggest search will be for someone who's handy with cameras (video and still shots) and of course, those who deserve to be praised for their great, personal taste.


  1. kailee, i am loving this idea! i was recently kind of thinking about something similar mainly because there have been a handful of people that i've seen lately and thought omg i love you.. etc ... and they have mostly been older people..interesting...you can tell when a style is so natural to someone and so cultivated...yada yada anyway...ha...
    LA is looking forward to your return!!

  2. this is an awesome idea kailee! seriously i have thought for a long time that we could use someone like that out here. i'm bummed that i will be gone, you will be so happy though! yay!

    and i was just cracking up at your comment... it doesn't bug that bad when people compare me to rachel zoe, at least she has a kick ass eye when it comes to style. and no my voice has never been compared to jennifer aniston... now i've got to watch a movie with her in it, cuz i'm wondering if it's a good or bad thing. haha!

    oh, and my blog is going to kick some serious ass in bali! i've been so shitty with it for way too long and i'm so sorry about that. i'm just not inspired. okay beautiful sweet dreams.