One of my new little tattoos, which is perfect for my middle finger, as it gets a lot of use :)
I'll rep LA through and through-I'm moving back at the end of this summer, I can't wait...wish I'd never left!

The other tattoo (not shown) is the notorious 3 dots aka 'Mi Vida Loca' on my hand, which was impulsive and I thought would be humorous, but really it may just cause confusion to those who aren't smart enough to realize I've never been in a Latino gang. I don't take most tattoos very seriously because I've found ones that have too much thought can sometimes be the most regretted, but this one could get me into trouble so I'm going to have it turned into a pyramid of dots, as a play on the original idea-easy fix! My parents and some people don't understand how not everyone sees a problem with finalizing "doodles" but if it represents a true trait in your personality and you don't care what others think, why not? My jankiest ones are my favorites-it's all about the person!

Jailhouse style ink is my favorite...just look at Ninja from Die Antwoord or GG Allin! haha

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