New favorite label: Barlow

It's still too cold to wear these, so I haven't quite played with my options, but I purchased these new Barlow shorts a couple weeks ago and have become instantly obsessed with the line. Tight, leather paneled, zip up shorts are definitely not a basic, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Excuse the pasty legs, I live in Portland, gimme a break! I threw on my 90's platforms just for kicks, but I can't wait to play up these shorts when warmer weather swings around...or I migrate towards it :)

Also, it's REAL leather, not faux and the quality is amazing...very worth splurging on!

I'm looking forward to adding more Barlow to my wardrobe in the future. Any line that's incorporates leather, zippers, lace-up detail, mesh and lots of black and grey has my vote!

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