Lazy Bones

I'm getting ready to go to Colorado for a short visit on Monday, so I've been a little consumed with thinking about what clothes to bring and such. I forgot I had this fleece motorcycle vest, since it's made for men and oversized, it has a tendency to look sloppy when I usually wear it. I also figured the Betsey Johnson tiger coat deserved a little more attention.

The white tank is by JPark and I can tell already that it's going to naturally shred itself into a nice cobweb of a shirt...a result I'm more than jazzed about. It's got a very raw texture and weave, so it's perfect.

Tiger coat-Betsey Johnson, Motorcycle hoodie/vest-Levi's Vintage, Black cropped & destroyed sweater-RVCA, Tank-JPark, Random cheap zipper skinnies, Forever 21 ankle boots that surprising are the sturdiest I've ever seen from such a store.


  1. Love tiger stripes. A tiger striped dress is one of my favorite things to wear in the summer.

  2. loving these past couple of looks a lot! that tiger print jacket is the bomb diggety. so how are you feeling? have you been taking vitamin d? let me know. muah.


  3. thank you! i'm finally getting my wardrobe more fitted to my style...there seemed to be a gap for awhile between my ideal style and what i was actually buying and wearing.

    and i am feeling a lot better since taking a vitamin d supplement, it's crazy how much the sun really does affect your health! i'm visiting back home in colorado for the rest of this month and am pretty jazzed to get a good dose of sunshine, hopefully. good to see you're feeling better yourself, lady :)