Lazy Bones

I'm getting ready to go to Colorado for a short visit on Monday, so I've been a little consumed with thinking about what clothes to bring and such. I forgot I had this fleece motorcycle vest, since it's made for men and oversized, it has a tendency to look sloppy when I usually wear it. I also figured the Betsey Johnson tiger coat deserved a little more attention.

The white tank is by JPark and I can tell already that it's going to naturally shred itself into a nice cobweb of a shirt...a result I'm more than jazzed about. It's got a very raw texture and weave, so it's perfect.

Tiger coat-Betsey Johnson, Motorcycle hoodie/vest-Levi's Vintage, Black cropped & destroyed sweater-RVCA, Tank-JPark, Random cheap zipper skinnies, Forever 21 ankle boots that surprising are the sturdiest I've ever seen from such a store.


I can't stop wanting to wear my Barlow jacket with everything, but I did just remember I owned these shredded white skinnies that were just asking for a sleek, structured contrasting piece to go along. The top is a circle shirt which is always a fun shape too.


Eaten By Moths

Another goody found at the bins was this moth-eaten sweater that passes as 60's/70's/80's and 90's, in my opinion. One of my favorite true vintage finds. Also, it really reminds me of Bjork, in her orange hair with brown brows era...her coloring, you know?
Also, finally found some giant lennon sunnies, after realizing i no longer had any glasses at all and am going to Colorado in a week. I sprung for two pairs since I have terrible luck with sunglasses, either losing/lending them or breaking them, so the cat eyes were much needed too.

I found this really great denim jacket on my dig at the bins. It was definitely designed and handmade by someone as a personal project, but it's got the coolest cut and style that mocks a leather motorcycle jacket-and it fit perfectly! I'm ready to start adding some patches and pins to it, so glad fate put it in my hands.
A day of digging at the bins wore me out completely, but with some good loot for my first “real” hunt. The place sort of depresses me in the sense that you’re watching humans scavenge like rats, but there’s some true gems to be had and it’s green, yada yada. I wore my Ratty GG Allin tee and brand spankin’ new Barlow leather jacket I bought myself on Valentine’s Day.

Also, I was so hopeful there’d be a little sun yesterday, but not a shred, so I opted to incorporate them into the outfit anyway, Lost Boys style.


Bad Moon Rising

How could I forget you, Polyvore?

This is one I’m definitely going to bring to life, once it’s a little warmer and I find the key pieces…still on the hunt for the perfect Harley tee, since the only one I have is not that neat. The Shoes are obviously amazing as well. Also, as a hat fan, I’m going to purchase a “Zorro” style one as soon as I see one.



If photos of bathing suits aren't offensive, this surely can't be either.


"Idios Moda"
It's the Greek terms for "one's own" and "fashion"

Is this a good name for the website i'm working on that will focus on the style and wardrobe cultivation of others?
Too much?
Too foreign?

I've researched a ton of related words in several different languages and nothing has as nice of a ring as this. Plus it's very literal, but not so obvious. I haven't been able to figure out how to incorporate California, Los Angeles or the west coast into it, but perhaps it's not totally necessary?

This is something very important to me, so any and all feedback is more than appreciated!


What a terrible day.

Things were not going right at all, but at least I didn't feel like my outfit was completely horrible.
I need to get away from Portland, as in forever. LA cannot come soon enough...


New favorite label: Barlow

It's still too cold to wear these, so I haven't quite played with my options, but I purchased these new Barlow shorts a couple weeks ago and have become instantly obsessed with the line. Tight, leather paneled, zip up shorts are definitely not a basic, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Excuse the pasty legs, I live in Portland, gimme a break! I threw on my 90's platforms just for kicks, but I can't wait to play up these shorts when warmer weather swings around...or I migrate towards it :)

Also, it's REAL leather, not faux and the quality is amazing...very worth splurging on!

I'm looking forward to adding more Barlow to my wardrobe in the future. Any line that's incorporates leather, zippers, lace-up detail, mesh and lots of black and grey has my vote!

Pants are overrated, anyways...

Plan in the making!

To anyone still checking this blog that I run like molasses, I feel like I should mention something I've got brewing right now!

I'm moving back to Los Angeles at the end of the summer and one of my biggest goals once I'm there is to start up a site that will focus on OTHER people's style...not a street style blog though. I want to go deeper into how these individuals develop their own look, where they find the goods, inspirations, who they are, not just the clothes...all up in their grill, basically. The plan is to literally see inside their closets, through photos and even short videos, because I find what gets someone to their finished outfit is more interesting than one photo. Street style and personal blogs always leave me wondering more of what people have, do, go...the works! There are maybe one or two other sites similar to this idea out there, but I want my focus to be on girls and guys from the Southern California area, where anything goes, who have extremely individual tastes and aren't already plastered on popular sites...normal people with not-so-normal style, doing notable work at that! If you or anyone you know would be interested in contributing on the development or being featured, please do shoot me an email or message on here! Keep in mind, this is in the works still, so it's not going to take off in a week, but my hopes are to get it debuted within a year.

My biggest search will be for someone who's handy with cameras (video and still shots) and of course, those who deserve to be praised for their great, personal taste.


One of my new little tattoos, which is perfect for my middle finger, as it gets a lot of use :)
I'll rep LA through and through-I'm moving back at the end of this summer, I can't wait...wish I'd never left!

The other tattoo (not shown) is the notorious 3 dots aka 'Mi Vida Loca' on my hand, which was impulsive and I thought would be humorous, but really it may just cause confusion to those who aren't smart enough to realize I've never been in a Latino gang. I don't take most tattoos very seriously because I've found ones that have too much thought can sometimes be the most regretted, but this one could get me into trouble so I'm going to have it turned into a pyramid of dots, as a play on the original idea-easy fix! My parents and some people don't understand how not everyone sees a problem with finalizing "doodles" but if it represents a true trait in your personality and you don't care what others think, why not? My jankiest ones are my favorites-it's all about the person!

Jailhouse style ink is my favorite...just look at Ninja from Die Antwoord or GG Allin! haha
Once again, I've neglected to update this blog, spending more time on Tumblr...it's a little too addicting, but there seems to be more interaction with the members. Also, I've been trying to get my health back to normal after finding out I've developed a vitamin D deficiency...imagine that, living in Portland where the sun never shines? It's not that serious, but it did take a little bit of a toll on my body and mind, which before knowing the reason, was a bit stressful. I really am going to get my act together and update this more, not to mention start (and finish!) some projects for a change.

You really can't tell, but I got two new tattoos by means of Stick n' Poke, since it's the Portland thing to do. More on that in a moment.

This outfit was the result of me feeling very boyish and also pulling from my Southwestern roots. I've felt like I'm in a style rut lately, due to Portland's extremely lax influence on my style along with my thirst for a little change that I haven't put my finger on yet. I'm trying to step away from color and busy prints and more towards black, grey, white, navy...but I'll still always be drawn to clever accents and rock n' roll style.

Fringe top-thrifted, Jeans-random cheapie brand, Platforms with silly studs-? Ebay, Hat-Goorin Bros, Earwig necklace and various collected jewelry.

Creepy Crawlers

I got this Earwig necklace recently, at least I'm pretty positive it's an Earwig. No other insect, nor crustacean looks quite like this, despite everyone telling me they thought it was meant to be a lobster...the pinchers are on the wrong end though. Still, I love it because it's creepy but pretty. Plus, it wiggles-the sections of the body are hinged! I'm not sure who makes it, I wish I did though, because I'm sure they make a lot of other really great pieces.

If anyone knows...do tell!