Gimme Danger Little Stranger

And we're BACK!
This new blonde hair changes the way a lot of colors look on me, which is awesome (except for orange!), but of course I'm still sticking to neutrals most of the time. It's weird to look at myself still, but it's really fun so far-it's got a tad bit lighter to go but I'm not rushing it anymore at this point, so I can wait a month or so to get it more white than slightly yellowish blonde.

I only ran errands today, but while I was out, this older man asked, "Is that a cat on your head, darlin'??"...it was great.

Dress-thrift, Sweater-F21, Clog booties-Steve Madden, Antique fur collar made into headband with a brooch-Inherited from family, Nina Hagen pin-Naked City in Portland, Chanel purse that's probably fake-thrift.

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