Wow, I've been consumed with the tedious process of bleaching the hell out of my dark hair. In turn, I just don't feel that "cute" for photos when I have to wear it up all the time in between getting the rest of the orange/yellow out and missed patches of roots. I've had some outfits that I wish I would've posted, but I'm a little OCD and wanted to wait until my hair looks "presentable" again...which is tomorrow (unless I suffer some horrible fate with the toner?) so the wait is over. Not that anyone's chomping at the bit to see what I post, but I feel guilty neglecting this blog and I know not all readers are into the tumblr thing.

At any rate, here's what my hair looked like after 2 bleach jobs, which I did all by myself through the teaching of youtube tutorials. I'm proud, I have to admit, because literally everyone that knew my plan cringed and warned me of the cliches that come with bleached hair, but I didn't screw it up and it feels pretty good still. It's a big 'Told you so' moment for me, and I'm basking in all it's glory.

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  1. good for you! it looks fantastic and it's much less expensive... hallelujah! thanks so much for your sweet words. it seriously means a lot to me. can't wait to see your hair tomorrow!!