Gimme Danger Little Stranger

And we're BACK!
This new blonde hair changes the way a lot of colors look on me, which is awesome (except for orange!), but of course I'm still sticking to neutrals most of the time. It's weird to look at myself still, but it's really fun so far-it's got a tad bit lighter to go but I'm not rushing it anymore at this point, so I can wait a month or so to get it more white than slightly yellowish blonde.

I only ran errands today, but while I was out, this older man asked, "Is that a cat on your head, darlin'??"...it was great.

Dress-thrift, Sweater-F21, Clog booties-Steve Madden, Antique fur collar made into headband with a brooch-Inherited from family, Nina Hagen pin-Naked City in Portland, Chanel purse that's probably fake-thrift.



Wow, I've been consumed with the tedious process of bleaching the hell out of my dark hair. In turn, I just don't feel that "cute" for photos when I have to wear it up all the time in between getting the rest of the orange/yellow out and missed patches of roots. I've had some outfits that I wish I would've posted, but I'm a little OCD and wanted to wait until my hair looks "presentable" again...which is tomorrow (unless I suffer some horrible fate with the toner?) so the wait is over. Not that anyone's chomping at the bit to see what I post, but I feel guilty neglecting this blog and I know not all readers are into the tumblr thing.

At any rate, here's what my hair looked like after 2 bleach jobs, which I did all by myself through the teaching of youtube tutorials. I'm proud, I have to admit, because literally everyone that knew my plan cringed and warned me of the cliches that come with bleached hair, but I didn't screw it up and it feels pretty good still. It's a big 'Told you so' moment for me, and I'm basking in all it's glory.


Kiss Them For Me

I'm extremely excited to start 2011 off on the right foot. That being said, I was pretty lazy for the whole New Years Eve celebration...I went to Weird Bar here in Portland, which wasn't very weird at all. I hadn't worn this sequined top I got recently, so what better time? I threw it on over a mini dress, added mesh leggings and the monster shoes-good to go.

This plum lipstick is really hard to wear. Not in the sense of pulling it off, but it smears constantly, flakes, and requires constant touch ups. I think it looks better on dark skin, because if you're light skinned, there's a really visible line if you open your mouth, between the lipstick and the light pink of your inner lip, but it's fun for a little while.

Sequined top-Haute Hippie, Black mini dress-Lux, Mesh leggings-AA, Monster shoes.