Once again, I was influenced by the southwest culture around where I grew up. This is a pretty dreamy outfit, in that I don't think I'll be wearing the Opening Ceremony thunderbird jacket anytime soon, but it's so incredible, one can only imagine what to wear it with. For the most part, I don't really pay attention to the labels or prices when making my sets, but I try to get a good mix of high and low going to keep things interesting. Also, I've just started including some music picks in my sets, because fairly often, my style is inspired by different genres and musicians, so I like the idea of tying that in with styling. In this case, native american musicians such as the wonderful Buffy Saint Marie sparked a big portion of it, along with Robbie Robertson who my parents actually got me into, and though they're not technically part of the demographic, Neon Indian's not only got the name, but sounds that make me think of vision quests. I was so glad to see southwest prints and details popping up in magazines and on runways, it's so classic, really, but has been long overdue for a fresh tweak.

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