In case you've been living under a rock the last couple years...

Pendleton and Opening Ceremony collaborated for the wool company's 100th anniversary, starting with F/W 2009. The best and the brightest of Pendleton's patterns are transformed with OC's cutting edge flair, making it one of the boldest meeting of the minds I've seen in quite some time. Since I live in Portland, Pendleton is all over, but I'm hoping just maybe I'll get to see one of these pieces in real life, if it doesn't upset me too much knowing it's not mine. This is just another of many collaborative creations by one of my favorite design houses, which is constantly working with a variety of innovative people-they're all about putting the chocolate in the peanut butter, you know? I can really get behind what they're doing, more so than other labels out there.

This is only a small handful of items, but it's all so desirable. The jackets in particular have taunted me pretty heavily since my first glimpse of the line.

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