I really just wanted to wear my ratty purple 'Town & Country Rocks' tee shirt and these high waisted pants I haven't seen in ages. The rest I just threw on and it seemed to work, so I was satisfied. I was inside most of the day, so luckily the sheer blouse and lack of real sleeves wasn't a problem. I bought the top off Mark Hunter at one of his yard sales a couple years ago and it's kept getting more and more tattered, but in all the right places.

I don't think this was a particularly exciting outfit, but I liked it a lot more than others, considering I sort of mindlessly dressed myself today.

Pants-Nordstrom, Ragged T-Shirt-vintage via Mark Hunter, Sheer blouse-thrifted, Lace up wood wedge-Deena & Ozzy, Bowler-Goorin

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