I've been surprised that this blog is still getting any readers, because my posts are so sparse, but I do appreciate any and all of it.
Good things are coming in the future, but for now, I'm afraid my outfits of the day are all I've got going in terms of showing how I apply myself to fashion, but that's about to change soon, so hold tight!

Dance Magic Dance

Motorcycle jacket, Magic skirt-F21, Tank-JPark, Cropped sweater-RVCA.

Accidents never happen, could've planned it all.

What I wore on Sunday...people, despite it being the day after Christmas, were a bit crabby and I couldn't help but feel pretty intolerant of it, hence the middle fingers.


Groove on this for a minute.

I haven't even looked to see what magazine this is from, I've seen a couple other shots from it, but I'm really amazed with this one in particular. I would still enjoy this photo is she were wearing "real" gloves and smoking a normal cigarette, but the simple replacement of rubber and a digi-cig made it a million times more impressive and inspiring. Whoever did the styling, bravo...this is already in my all-time favorites.


Dark Lady

Dark Lady
Dark Lady by kailee77 featuring black bracelets



Untitled by kailee77 featuring aldo boots

I'm guessing this shoe was inspired by Acne's recent wedge, but I like that these don't have the bunching detail. They're a little more subtle, but I'm totally crushing on them right now.


Errands, errands, nothing exciting. I finally found this fur collar that I made into a headband in a suitcase I'd forgotten about...it's one of my favorite winter accessories and works for days when my hair doesn't want to cooperate.

Long dress-Thrift, L/S tee-C&C California (do they even exist still?), Motorcycle jacket, Cropped cowboy boots-work/Crossroads Trading, Fur headband-inherited+DIY+walmart broach.


New additions this week...

I got the hat, Joan Jett t-shirt, 'Lost Angels' and the amazing navajo blanket on my thrift spree today, and the platforms I got last week. Also, I haven't bought a magazine in eons because I tend to collect them until I'm swimming in piles of them, but I decided I needed some good old visual stimulation with pages that I can tangibly touch and there's no screen involved.
I'm not sure what was going on in my head when I wore this last week, but it's a little loopy for some reason...I think the hat with the jacket, perhaps? Oh well, it was for running errands, so I didn't care.

One of my favorite t-shirts, obviously.

AA Disco pants, Vintage jacket-Carpe Denim, "E is for Endo" shirt-Crossroads Trading/UO, Buckle boots-Dolce Vita for Target, Fur trapper hat-vintage.


forgive me, but i'm getting rid of a nasty cold sore this last week, so taking photos of myself just doesn't sound like the most fun right now (headless outfit posts=pet peeve)...i'll be back soon enough though!

All up in a tizzy about...

I'd imagine most people who visit this blog don't always take a peek at my Tumblr (don't worry, no obligation!) but it is where I post all of my inspiration, especially fashion related. These are the images that have been floating in my head lately, making me itch to do some projects and search for some new additions for my wardrobe.

Alright, as someone who couldn't pull off the whole Ombre look due to black dyed hair, I love mizz Jesse Jo's somewhat reverse take on it, with color. And a super pretty, galactic color at that!

Blood Milk

Blood Milk's jewelry is beautifully creepy, just the way I like it. I've been considering the investment of a nice, quality piece since realizing the majority of mine are pretty cheap and always falling apart, not to mention less unique. I'm not sure if I'll go with Blood Milk, but I'm going to consider them when the time comes.


Time to put my plans in action, start taking some chances on opportunities and get the ball rolling.



Untitled by kailee77 featuring crop jackets

Burberry is killing it this season with the jackets-and by "It" I mean my ability to cope with the fact that I'll probably never own one of these.

When you're strange


A sight for sore eyes.

The tan 'Two-Timer' by JC is stealing focus, maybe even a little more than the blue/black combo.
Very seldom does the color tan impress me, so this is big!


I actually went out tonight for little bit! A small shin-dig, nothing fancy, so I really just changed my shoes and added a hat due to laziness…I should’ve thrown on a pair of knit stockings, but I figured I’d be inside mostly.

Ended the night with some disturbing tales, a few new acquaintances and countless broken cigarettes. I’d call it a good one!

This outfit is mostly Forever 21 I just realized, aside from the leggings and accessories, but hey, black is black in my book [closet]!


I recently bought this shirt by the Canadian line Complex Geometries that makes some really nice cotton tops and dresses for both sexes. It looks like a misshapen mess on a hanger, but the fit is actually quite nice-asymmetrical and gathered in just the right places. If it weren't so chilly, I would've done without the thermal underneath, but I also had to work, so it was necessary. I finally realized that I need to get a new pair of leather skinnies, because these are too big on me these days, but they're a staple...at least I'll have a back-up pair if I pack some pounds back on.

I'm trying to wear my motorcycle boots less, but sometimes I just don't care and would rather be comfortable.