Today was spent running errands, one of which was a trip to Target...I'm sort of horrified with how much they've upped their prices of clothing, but everything else seems to be cheap. I left with some much needed items-a rolling clothes rack being the most important, but I also found some great ankle boots. Anyway, this was my get-up for the day...

The lighting here seriously sucks, I've been hardly using a flash on any photos because it looks so terrible...these ones kind of look like they were taken on a camera phone though, since I was in a hurry and didn't feel like messing with the settings. At least it doesn't make me look like a dead corpse.

I love these shoes, but I rarely wear them because of the rain and their clunkiness, but whenever I do, I love them even more. I'm still not even the tiniest bit sick of them, considering how much attention this shoe received (Well, Balenciaga's more so, duh) so I don't see myself letting go of them anytime soon-or ever!

Western button-up-Thrift, Long-tail shirt-H&M, Floral leggings-BDG

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