-Street walkin' cheetah with a heart full of napalm-

Those who don't believe in mixing black & brown probably lead a very boring life.
I threw this on for work the other day. I felt boring with just motorcycle boots (that I'm trying to cut back on wearing) so what better reason to wear the platforms. Though I've noticed Portland's not much for bold footwear, they tend to stick with classics, it's strange how many stares I get for these...not my idea of anything too wild, as they've yet to see my faux Balenciaga harness platforms in action (not good for work).

Cheetah blouse-thrifted, 'Destructive Tendencies' tank/dress-Obesity & Speed, Zipper skinnies-Gap, Shoes-Ebay, Bag-thrifted

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  1. those shoes are doooope!!! hey dude my phone took a swim in a glass of wine i have no contact info for you. email me so we can talk that way! taylorrozz@gmail.com