Often the subject of debate in fashion...

I know many people have mixed or negative opinions on Rachel Zoe, which I'm always genuinely interested in hearing, primarily based on taste and their ability to understand her personality. If you're not into the glam/eclectic/60's & 70's bohemian vibe that's more on the high-end side, then yes, I can see exactly why you're not a fan. If you're not into those with publicized careers, I get that. To people who don't have high-strung, anxiety ridden tendencies along with an extremely strong nature for aesthetics (which is often thought of as bad) then yes, she's going to seem irritating, overbearing or even boring. Her state of mind is also very Valley Girl, very LA, and I think that often puts people off the most, but the fact that she does her job with major attention to detail and has a natural instinct for pairing clothing should say more than personality traits that may or may not mesh with others. Even though there may be loads of little Zoe clones out there, it's because she had a distinct and effective approach to dressing herself and others, so why anyone who starts trends should be scrutinized for it is beyond me. I respect her attitude, business-wise, just as much as I admire her ability to mix different styles into one well-put together ensemble. Like her or not, I really do think she knows what she's doing in terms of formula and career choices, but I would like to see more range in what she can do.


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