I picked up this kimono-style jacket at Red Light during their Halloween sale madness, and I've been wearing it whenever I can. It's like being wrapped in a bedspread essentially, but something about the shape makes me love it. I've been kicking myself the last year or so after passing up an amazing kimono house coat at the thrift store in Colorado that had way more detail and volume, for an insanely low price. Anyway, this is quite a find for me, especially when I've been on the hunt for so long.

No need to show my shoes, up until a few days ago, I wore my motorcycle boots every day of the week due to the fact that my shoe collection was at my old apartment still. Thank god we've been reunited!

Vintage kimono house coat-Red Light, Navy disco pants-AA, Top-H&M, Bag/coon tail/necklace-thrifted or ebay.

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