I don't know why, but I'm really jazzed on my rolling clothes rack. I suppose it's because I like to separate my favorite & newer pieces from the rest, but it also helps give me a good idea of my color palette and taste in general. It sort of makes me feel like I'm at work though haha. It's useful and kind of adds to the room somewhat, so I'm satisfied.

I wear mostly black, grey and navy but I'm a fan of prints and patterns if they're not too obnoxious (well, the Betsey Johnson tiger coat is bordering, but it's awesome.) and I'm drawn to really light fabrics. I've been into more oversized items the last few years (and probably always will, except pants) so boxy, loose cuts, batwing and extra long garments are my mainstays. I stay away from T-shirts usually, unless it's really worn in, baggy and has more of a novelty sense. Currently, tunics and mini dresses are a must with an extra slim pant, tights or maxi skirt. Shoes are another story that I'll save for future posts :)

My pant collection isn't shown, but I wear dark skinny jeans, disco pants or my leather pants most often. We have kind of a silly legging rule at work, so I don't wear them much going out...but I don't consider the disco pants part of this category haha, in fact I'd enjoy wearing them almost everyday in a different color if I could (still on the look-out for red!).

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