This velvet dress reminds me of a Christmas frock I had as a youngster, so I wanted to make a revamped, more "grown up" outfit inspired by it. For me, wardrobe planning is half the fun of getting though the Holla-Daze.


Thanksgiving was uneventful for me, I've never really been that into the holiday or gorging on food. I think we should be thankful everyday anyway, but I was missing my family and close friends, no doubt!

I'm always a sucker for furry vests, this one happens to be faux which I'm pretty picky about, but it's perfect. The back is like a knit sweater, which is sort of cool too. It's finally getting cold here in Portland, so layering and long sleeves are a no-brainer right now, even though I'm jazzed about any weather warmer than Colorado's in the Winter.

I haven't worn the "My So-Called Life" dress in awhile, but I thought it needed a little attention. Also, I'm wearing my new motorcycles boots and already see them becoming one of my favorite pairs...boots are my preferred footwear, it's hard to go wrong in most cases.

Faux fur vest-Crossroads Trading Co., "My So-Called Life" dress-Thrifted, Thrifted grey thermal under, Best cheapo skinnies I've owned-Target, Biker boots-Durango from Crossroads.
I always love seeing the new arrivals on Nasty Gal...some items are a little overpriced, but for the most part, it's decent. Even if their look is leaning towards the trendy side, they tend to carry things that can be re-worked over and over, not to mention the quality is better than Forever 21 look-alikes.
Here's what I've been eyeing this week:



I finally sliced up this Black Flag tee and am loving the result. The back is versatile in that I can tie the strips up together...it's easier to understand in person, but I decided I didn't want to risk the lower ones ripping or getting filthy from being sat on, so it's functional and looks neat! The front is a bit plain and boxy looking still, so I may do something more to add some movement.


New Beauts.

I've turned into a full-fledged shoe fiend. These are the latest additions...

These are pretty right on in terms of the perfect buckled ankle boot I've been on the hunt for.

These boots came into work as I was thinking how much I'd like a brown pair of motorcycle boots, and the best part is they're by the brand 'Durango' which is the town I'm from, so it was meant to be. They're just as sturdy as Frye too!


I don't know why, but I'm really jazzed on my rolling clothes rack. I suppose it's because I like to separate my favorite & newer pieces from the rest, but it also helps give me a good idea of my color palette and taste in general. It sort of makes me feel like I'm at work though haha. It's useful and kind of adds to the room somewhat, so I'm satisfied.

I wear mostly black, grey and navy but I'm a fan of prints and patterns if they're not too obnoxious (well, the Betsey Johnson tiger coat is bordering, but it's awesome.) and I'm drawn to really light fabrics. I've been into more oversized items the last few years (and probably always will, except pants) so boxy, loose cuts, batwing and extra long garments are my mainstays. I stay away from T-shirts usually, unless it's really worn in, baggy and has more of a novelty sense. Currently, tunics and mini dresses are a must with an extra slim pant, tights or maxi skirt. Shoes are another story that I'll save for future posts :)

My pant collection isn't shown, but I wear dark skinny jeans, disco pants or my leather pants most often. We have kind of a silly legging rule at work, so I don't wear them much going out...but I don't consider the disco pants part of this category haha, in fact I'd enjoy wearing them almost everyday in a different color if I could (still on the look-out for red!).


Today was spent running errands, one of which was a trip to Target...I'm sort of horrified with how much they've upped their prices of clothing, but everything else seems to be cheap. I left with some much needed items-a rolling clothes rack being the most important, but I also found some great ankle boots. Anyway, this was my get-up for the day...

The lighting here seriously sucks, I've been hardly using a flash on any photos because it looks so terrible...these ones kind of look like they were taken on a camera phone though, since I was in a hurry and didn't feel like messing with the settings. At least it doesn't make me look like a dead corpse.

I love these shoes, but I rarely wear them because of the rain and their clunkiness, but whenever I do, I love them even more. I'm still not even the tiniest bit sick of them, considering how much attention this shoe received (Well, Balenciaga's more so, duh) so I don't see myself letting go of them anytime soon-or ever!

Western button-up-Thrift, Long-tail shirt-H&M, Floral leggings-BDG


"I think you need to dance more..."

I had to dance for these or else some beezy said it was "Self-Timer City" for me...fair enough. This was my 11:30 7/11 run outfit, so I skipped any sort of accessorizing after the scarf.

I'm getting tired of the boring, serious "model" stance lately, anyway...I feel like people assume you're trying to be a model just by style blogging and it's not the case for many, you're simply documenting and trying to represent an outfit.

Paisley leggings-Costume Dept., Black Flag T-Shirt (Which I've yet to chop up), Levi's jacket, Brown leather motorcycle boots-Durango (HAD to have them based on the brand alone haha), Scarf made by my mum.


The latest from UNIF.

Quite a fan of this LA line.

Time to break out the fur trapper hat, finally.

I got this old hat at the thrift store last winter for less than $5, it's one of my favorite things I own. It's patchy in a few spots so I always have to put the ear flaps up, but I prefer that. I'm not some fur-obsessed freak though, I swear...I just think a fur hat is an accessory that never goes out of style.

I had a schedule mishap at work so I felt a bit "off" all day...I really didn't put any conscious effort into dressing. I was more excited it was chilly enough to wear my hat again.

Making friends take pictures of you can sometimes be awkward, but it's nice to not deal with a self timer sometimes! I was being crude in the majority of them, but we agreed these were charming enough?


Often the subject of debate in fashion...

I know many people have mixed or negative opinions on Rachel Zoe, which I'm always genuinely interested in hearing, primarily based on taste and their ability to understand her personality. If you're not into the glam/eclectic/60's & 70's bohemian vibe that's more on the high-end side, then yes, I can see exactly why you're not a fan. If you're not into those with publicized careers, I get that. To people who don't have high-strung, anxiety ridden tendencies along with an extremely strong nature for aesthetics (which is often thought of as bad) then yes, she's going to seem irritating, overbearing or even boring. Her state of mind is also very Valley Girl, very LA, and I think that often puts people off the most, but the fact that she does her job with major attention to detail and has a natural instinct for pairing clothing should say more than personality traits that may or may not mesh with others. Even though there may be loads of little Zoe clones out there, it's because she had a distinct and effective approach to dressing herself and others, so why anyone who starts trends should be scrutinized for it is beyond me. I respect her attitude, business-wise, just as much as I admire her ability to mix different styles into one well-put together ensemble. Like her or not, I really do think she knows what she's doing in terms of formula and career choices, but I would like to see more range in what she can do.



Brrrr by kailee77 featuring a wool coat

I’ve been pickier than ever this season for a coat and this is essentially the best one I’ve seen, but it’s a tiny bit on the spendy side…it is perfect though. I'd wear it any year, regardless of how in style the navajo print is right now, so if it goes on sale I'll have to snatch it.


ALRIGHT, so I'm finally starting to get a handle on what content I still want to blog on Intergalactic Pow-Wow. I had to find an outlet for the excess that isn't so much fashion related, because as much as it influences my style, I'd like to focus more on what I'm actually interested in wearing or specific trends on my mind. This one's all about the clothing, not so much the inspirations, if that makes sense.

Solo Cholo

Current lusts.

Erin Wasson+Fur

a favorite combo of mine...


Where have all the cowboys gone?

Free People has these cut off, and I mean literally chopped short, cowboy boots that I saw over the weekend and they've been on my mind ever since. I'm guessing FP isn't the originator of the style, because they tend to do knock-offs (it's not that bad) but I really love the idea. However with a $200-$300 price tag it's ridiculous to not pull one of the easiest DIY's in awhile...it seems a little wasteful or destructive to do to a pair of boots, but I've encountered plenty of fairly cheap ones and hey, it's a new look completely so I think $30 could be justified.

-Street walkin' cheetah with a heart full of napalm-

Those who don't believe in mixing black & brown probably lead a very boring life.
I threw this on for work the other day. I felt boring with just motorcycle boots (that I'm trying to cut back on wearing) so what better reason to wear the platforms. Though I've noticed Portland's not much for bold footwear, they tend to stick with classics, it's strange how many stares I get for these...not my idea of anything too wild, as they've yet to see my faux Balenciaga harness platforms in action (not good for work).

Cheetah blouse-thrifted, 'Destructive Tendencies' tank/dress-Obesity & Speed, Zipper skinnies-Gap, Shoes-Ebay, Bag-thrifted


A good cat-eye never fails. I've been using a pencil the last couple months since I was broke when I ran out and decided to just finish it up...terrible idea, I'm going back to liquid.



This is my "Ideal" outfit for fall right now. I wore a pretty similar outfit to this other day, minus the 40 oz necklace, shoes and cool satchel, but my skin and hair were a gnarly wreck so I opted to not document it. However, I found these JC platforms for a discount the other day so they will soon be on my lucky little feet-they're perfect for the season! Though I love the UO navajo shirt, it's so overpriced so I'm sticking with one that I thrifted for now (I'm from the Southwest, that sort of stuff is everywhere). Also, I recently got sunglasses at Red Light exactly like these Grey Ant's, for next to nothing-a simple tweak to a classic design, but it makes all the difference. Mmmm Fall, it's my favorite season to dress for.

Note to self:

Alright, I have a giant shoe collection, time to stop wearing the same boots everyday...even if they do go with everything.

Go Demons Go?

I'm always a fan of black on black on black with varying textures. My leather pants are my new favorite wardrobe staple, and I finally got the fringe top from AA but at more than half the cost so I was jazzed about it. I've been meaning to do something with my jacket, I seem to forget I own it a lot. This is a good hanging out get-up, comfy and simple, but I don't feel boring or schleppy.

Leather pants-F21, Fringe top/dress-AA, Levi's jacket-thrifted



Fast. by kailee77 featuring an opaque hosiery

My motorcycle, please.

Click to enlarge-the proportions are always funky when making these, so it doesn't do it justice at this size.

These items are some of my VERY favorites right now...some of them have the biker influence I'm so fond of, while others are a little witchy (dark but light="witchy" in my clothing vocabulary). They all make me want to peel off on an old motorcycle nonetheless.
Time to crank out some Polyvore collages. I've collected WAY too many photos of items I'm drooling over. Plus, it really does help ease the blow when you realize certain items are just not going to be in your closet...whether it's due to the price tag or simply not getting your hands on it in time. It's a great tool! I'm going to use it much more on here to compile the many items I admire every week. Fun stuff!

This transparent blouse has been in my closet forever now and the length makes it a little awkward to work with sometimes, but I'm finding new ways to wear it.

Blouse-Thrifted, Skeleton Mickey Mouse tee-Studio Browne, AA Leggings, good old Motorcycle boots


I picked up this kimono-style jacket at Red Light during their Halloween sale madness, and I've been wearing it whenever I can. It's like being wrapped in a bedspread essentially, but something about the shape makes me love it. I've been kicking myself the last year or so after passing up an amazing kimono house coat at the thrift store in Colorado that had way more detail and volume, for an insanely low price. Anyway, this is quite a find for me, especially when I've been on the hunt for so long.

No need to show my shoes, up until a few days ago, I wore my motorcycle boots every day of the week due to the fact that my shoe collection was at my old apartment still. Thank god we've been reunited!

Vintage kimono house coat-Red Light, Navy disco pants-AA, Top-H&M, Bag/coon tail/necklace-thrifted or ebay.