Delays, delays.

My life has been turned upside-down a wee bit in the past few days, so I may not get to post until sometime next week. I'm currently moving out of my apartment, into a safer living situation, and starting a new chapter in life. Portland hasn't been my favorite place, but I need to enjoy it while I'm here, because it will (almost) all be worth it when I'm able to make the move back down to Los Angeles. My job is really wonderful, I like my co-workers, I feel good about what I do, I'm learning things that actually apply to what I want to do career-wise, it's different every day, it's really the main reason I'm staying here. The longer I work here, the better chances I have of working for them again in California. It's an issue of saving up enough money to move and have some security (I came to Portland with about $600, eek!), but also sticking with what I love, and that's my job. It would be so easy to move back to Colorado, but it's not what I want, and I refuse to let someone think they have enough power to send me home again. Everything is becoming clearer, and after being told more and more that I am not doing anything wrong, I really hold my true friends closer. Life gets messy sometimes, and it is not always easy, but at least I'm alive.

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  1. hallelujah! good for you for knowing what you want and going through with it, now that is something i can respect!