I'm kind of living out of a suitcase right now...I just moved in to a new place, but my room isn't quite ready yet. Not having a proper wardrobe set up is tough so not much effort has gone into my outfits, so it's not even worth mentioning. I've literally been grabbing whatever top and bottom I see first, then slipping on my motorcycle boots, leather jacket and a few rings. Once I've got some personal territory, I'll be back...fashion is important, but my health and safety are more so.


Delays, delays.

My life has been turned upside-down a wee bit in the past few days, so I may not get to post until sometime next week. I'm currently moving out of my apartment, into a safer living situation, and starting a new chapter in life. Portland hasn't been my favorite place, but I need to enjoy it while I'm here, because it will (almost) all be worth it when I'm able to make the move back down to Los Angeles. My job is really wonderful, I like my co-workers, I feel good about what I do, I'm learning things that actually apply to what I want to do career-wise, it's different every day, it's really the main reason I'm staying here. The longer I work here, the better chances I have of working for them again in California. It's an issue of saving up enough money to move and have some security (I came to Portland with about $600, eek!), but also sticking with what I love, and that's my job. It would be so easy to move back to Colorado, but it's not what I want, and I refuse to let someone think they have enough power to send me home again. Everything is becoming clearer, and after being told more and more that I am not doing anything wrong, I really hold my true friends closer. Life gets messy sometimes, and it is not always easy, but at least I'm alive.


Such choices...

Debating the idea of actually using my Tumblr account to separate my blog content. This will be used for primarily personal style & fashion related posts, but I'll post all the neat photos I use for inspiration on the Tumblr. It makes more sense for me, I've just got to keep up on it. My computer is being overrun with photos at all times, I wish I could post them all here, but it's not really what I want to talk about or represent myself with...while I can focus more on this blog and my own work/endeavors.


It's about time...

Being that I'm from the Southwest, I can't help but love navajo print items anywhere I go. It's popping up more and more in mainstream fashion, luckily I've got a few pieces I've collected over the years, but I am now on the lookout for a great shawl this Fall/Winter season. It's nice to see something so traditional and common re-worked in today's future-foward mentality.


No excuse, I got shit to do.

A-Muse Yourself

Take Take Take.
Get Get Get.
You do nothing.
He's the real hit.

Act Da Fool

Proenza Schouler//Harmony Korine

Words can't describe how wonderful of a collaboration this is. Actually, that's a lie, many words could, I'm just in awe still.


Just who will you live through vicariously next?

I can't help but wonder if some people are even capable of doing anything worth mentioning when their achievements were all handed by someone else. Sure, sitting around looking pretty enough to be joe blow's next muse is do-able, but we all know how that ends too. As much as one can admire another, the empty value isn't tough to spot either.

Sure, everyone loves a train wreck though.


Vital stuff?


zomfgz if i cared, i wouldn't have subjected myself to the internet in the first place. anonymous haters are the silliest.

Ask me anything

Hey how can i get eaten by a bear???Can ou give me some tips:)

wear ed hardy.

Ask me anything


A couple new items in my wardrobe that happen to be some of THE most comfortable things I own. These short cowboy boots are great, not too country and lots of cushion. I like the way the top hangs, very fluid-like and again, SO comfortable it's got a great asymmetrical cut and the perfect neutral cream to wear throughout the seasons.

Top-H&M, Boots-Second Hand from Crossroads Trading Co.


Love this.

Red on white done right!

My heart=melted.

The fact that this video is, well, what it is, and he still remains adorable must say something.

Devendra is in a category of his very own. Not only does his music make me feel like grooving on life, but he's got such tenderness and whimsey that tie together so sweetly-he makes talking about his sperm sound like a children's song practically, okay? And that sort of quirk is still too rare among musicians these days. An honest artist and a humble one at that, I can never get enough. I suppose it doesn't hurt that he's beautiful either.

T e a c h M e T i g e r

I snatched up this Betsey Johnson faux tiger coat at work the other day & I'm obsessed with it kind of. It's got tinges of green in spots, so fun to wear/look at! I'm trying to find out what collection it's from, but it's so 90's...I feel like Parker Posey in 'Party Girl' when I wear it.

This song plays in my head when i put it on sometimes...

I tried these awesome modified shoes on at 'Alteration Nation' on Hawthorne. They were a couple sizes too big obviously, but kickass to say the least. I can't help but love a pair of shoes with the word "vagina" on them, you know? The shop carries reconstructed clothing and vintage, mostly with an industrial raver vibe, but there's some real gems in their hats, lingerie and shoes. My mom bought me an amazing antique hat with sequined crows on top, which I'll show off later. If you're in the area, check it out!



Why does this outfit remind me of dead nature? Maybe it's all the black surrounding the floral & sheepskin, but I love these new leggings-Black & nude is hard to mix sometimes, but these make it a cinch. Plus, they're evoking some 'Blossom' and 'Baby-Sitters Club' inspiration when I feel like channeling my 90's steeze.


Roomie and I currently love:

Magic Wands!
Stylistically, at least for me, they bring a strong sense of nostalgia from my childhood. Not so much events, but my tastes around the ages 3-8 ...glitter, california dreams, stuffed animals, hearts n' stars & an 80's after-taste.

Musically, what's not to love? Equal parts male & femme, soft beats, sassy sweet lyrics, sleepy guitar rifts & talk of MAGIC.

They're ultimately spacey & dreamy, which are too things I'm quite familiar with.

Crush: Waylon Jennings?

Aside from being a country legend, I've found his rough-around-the-edges aesthetic attractive more & more with age. It's Rockabilly erring more on the country side, which has a certain masculinity that's not too contrived or clean cut.

Cannon Beach

I love little trips to Cannon Beach, it's so magical!

I have finally started feeling inspired again with my photography. For awhile I was in a rut, but after spending time with my mother, I've gotten a major attitude boost-I feel bad neglecting it for so long!!

Max Appeal

Still not sure about long skirts on myself...I feel a little too "matronly" (the dreaded M-Word in fashion), but something keeps drawing my attention back. I found this one for quite a steal and liked the slimmer shape, it's alot more versatile than I thought.

Birthday shoes arrived

Super comfortable, I'm in love with them!


Neutral Clash

A little trip to Cannon Beach, OR with my mom. I hardly ever wear this many neutrals at once, but it seemed to be appropriate for the day somehow...very overcast and chilly. Easy and classic.

B o w D o w n

Iggy has always been somewhat primal in his own glam grunge manner. His ranks are high in my book, and the album 'Raw Power' has always blown me away-the name does truly describe The Stooges' sound.

What's your favorite song of Iggy's?

Ever since I was a child, cactus has been so alluring to me. This Marc Jacobs ad reminds me of an old cactus photo my dad held on to, taken by a family member I believe, that's faded over the years to the perfect celery green tint. In fact, that photo may be the reason I've got this fascination in the first place.