2012=The Placebo Effect

But that's just me.
I believe the power of fear can lead people to social, political & economical upheaval.
"A new/creative era" is an often present term in the theories, but all I hear about is the awaiting doom.
My biggest hope for the future is that more people blur the line between Career and Passion.
Realize you don't have to "ugh" your way through 4 years of college and inflated tuitions if you aren't loving what you're doing.
If your dream is just a matter of doing, not about test scores & school reputations, then do it.
Politics & social structures are built on the plate of careers us humans have made up, so if we want to change it, start at the root.
Jobs are ever-present to humans at this point, I say make the constants in your life something you can really stand behind.


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