Time of my life.

What a night.

Sense Memory

I can clearly remember sitting in the bathroom of my grandfather's at maybe 4 or so, watching my mom put her make-up on, while I imitated with my Tinkerbell compact, lipstick & perfume.

The smell is still fresh in my memory, unexplainable, but delicate & clean. If my childhood had a smell, this would be it.
Even the packaging, I remember it like yesterday.

I don't recall the moment I received it, nor do I know where it ever went, but I have thought about it almost everyday when I am 'putting my face on'.
Something so innocent about it, in that it was barely noticeable on my face, but the scent and routine made me feel special, glamourous.

Does anyone else remember it?

2012=The Placebo Effect

But that's just me.
I believe the power of fear can lead people to social, political & economical upheaval.
"A new/creative era" is an often present term in the theories, but all I hear about is the awaiting doom.
My biggest hope for the future is that more people blur the line between Career and Passion.
Realize you don't have to "ugh" your way through 4 years of college and inflated tuitions if you aren't loving what you're doing.
If your dream is just a matter of doing, not about test scores & school reputations, then do it.
Politics & social structures are built on the plate of careers us humans have made up, so if we want to change it, start at the root.
Jobs are ever-present to humans at this point, I say make the constants in your life something you can really stand behind.



The last 7 days were spent with my mom who came to Portland for my 22nd birthday. Lots of shopping, exploring the city (which i've really failed to do so since moving here.), food, and celebrating my big day with my mom's BFF since high school who shares the same birthday-extra fun! I wish my dad and brother could've made it, but it was nice having "Girl Time" and taking a mini vacation from it all.

My mom is my best friend, and I don't care if that's dorky or uncool. I was sad she had to fly back to Colorado today, but it was very healing to have motherly love. She changed my outlook on some things and also motivated me to get on my goals.
I'll catch up with some more posts soon!


As if I'd expect anything less from Jeremy Scott

This season's collection is killing it, here are some of my favorites!

Do i really need to mention that this is the best of the line?

Though I can't say I'm a huge fan of the make-up & hair, I get the harsh femme look he was going for.

Next month I am going to DIE...


I've been in need of that next level shit.


Before the line was drawn, before the sky turned black.

God, I really haven't uploaded on anything on LB is quite some time. I've felt a bit un-photogenic lately, more so than normal.


2014. On your mark, get set...


This will change everything.

Bridge Stop

Yeah, Fuck Kari The Snitch.

Thou art a villain

As far as wardrobe & set design go, this will always be one of my favorites-More specifically, Tybolt's character & the bits of roman catholic memorabilia. Sometimes I can't even focus on the story line (even though we all know how it goes), because I'm so visually stimulated and noticing details in the thoughtful styling. Truly beautiful.


What is your favorite country????

I have a long standing fascination with both Sweden & Russia...the land, culture, language, street style, history, food, all of it!

Ask me anything


Rant Rant Rant

What sort of sorry sucker pays $80 for western rodeo boots at Urban Outfitters?
There's at least 3 pairs at any thrift store in Colorado, or the other southwest states for that matter...and in colors!
Do a little searching on Ebay if you must, but for christ's sake, don't spend an absurd amount on trendy items that can be found for next to nothing-i doubt the quality of UO's boot is even the same.

It's really disturbing watching some people buy into trends so easily & unknowingly.
Then again, fashion victims will be fashion victims.


Some things are just meant to be...

Area 51 ring, be mine!

I love dressing for Fall, it's the best! Ms. Chung's outfit at Louis Vuitton is a perfect example of this season's essentials (at least for me): Olive green a la army jackets, black on black, MORE chunky platforms & earth tone prints.

I like my rock n' roll with a bit of Glitter.

I essentially have the same goals as I've had for the last 5 years, more or less, but recently I had to reevaluate. Not throw them away, but step it up. Every little bit helps, and I'm starting to realize that I am capable of more. Hopefully I'll have my head in the right place these coming months and not give in to letting other's poor choices affect mine.


So suddenly, it's Fall again. I always go into a bit of a funk when the summer is over, but I'm looking forward to the new season.
I'm kind of tired and a hermit lately, I just see so many people at work, that in my off time I've really been enjoying some calm & quiet.


Why am I always trying to figure out people's thoughts?
I should know, or rather I do know and choose to disregard it, that some people just lack reasoning.
If I spent every moment analyzing why some do the things they do, I'd drive myself crazy, so I don't.
However, there's some people who's actions detach from their personality, and I can't help but wonder.



Kirsten Dunst...'Turning Japanese'...2009...Murakami-produced...How did i miss this???