I Miss:

-Valley Drives
-Los Angeles
-Lounging on my parent's bed having in-depth family conversations about nonsense.
-Ditching high school classes to smoke weed in inconspicuous places...now it seems i just smoke whenever, wherever because i can't think of anything better to do.
-A fully stocked fridge.
-Art class gossip with Danya & Jessica.
-Anticipation for school to get out for summer.
-Smoking seesha before everyone decided hookah is weed's new cool cousin or something...
-Sleepovers with arabs who drunkenly exercise in the moonlight.
-The Blazer. no i don't. but i do.
-Adventures with Tay and Chronny in the Jeep.
-Friendships before they went sour over personality 'flaws'.
-Living in a house.
-Ska beer
-High school loverz.
-Natural blonde hair.
-Cuddling with my mami :)
-Before everything and everyone blew the fuck up 10x more than necessary.
-When I enjoyed binge drinking?
-Thinking everything was so much more major than it really is.

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