Cher or GTFO

A never ending fixation...

i love the hell out of her outfit above.

If I see another 2-in-1, elastic waist, 'look i'm wearing a skirt & top, but not really' dress, i'm going to scream until my voice goes horse.

Since when has it become too difficult to coordinate two different pieces of clothing?
Way to take the thrill out of dressing yourself.


i miss my true friends, the ones that aren't afraid to be flawed along with me & tell it like it is. i'm so lucky to live with one of them too, because i might go crazy otherwise. it may only be a handful, but each one of them really has so much to offer the universe, and souls for god's sake. i hold that high above any item of clothing, social status or dollar amount-any rifts in these friendships is guaranteed to eat at my brain & tear my stomach to shreds. so whatever the distance, be it back in Durango, in another country or down the sidewalk, they're always on my mind, wishing they were here to share new experiences. i would hope they all know how valued they are to me.


Fitting, I'd say.

Dolly always wins in my heart of hearts.
Speaking of hearts, I've learned over the years that people don't always know how to use them correctly.

oh yeah, and apparently this 80's group Strawberry Switchblade did the most awesome cover of 'Jolene' ever-which i just found out about! if you like synth, covers, the 'haze' effect on cameras, gothy chicks, large hats or you know, the song, this might just make your day...


Sometimes I honestly forget that not everyone feels the need to get a tattoo-I understand it, but what a waste of skin and ideas.
I need a new one, there's an ever growing list of things I've found worthy enough to be on me forever and I'm not getting any younger.

i know what i want.
I know what i want.
i KNOW what i want.
i know WHAT i want,
i know what I want.
i know what i WANT.

Kitten With A Whip

Gaultier x La Perla 2010

Truly sexy, and the whole structure of the line is not to be messed with-adore it!

There's plenty of things that will eat you alive before I do.

I'm headed south sooner than later, and you'll still be sitting around with your thumb up your ass.
Excuse me, I've got an agenda.



Work makes me feel like a complete bone-head sometimes...or at least that everyone else might think I am.
Typically, I don't care what other people's judgments of me are, but I do care about people questioning my intelligence to some extent.
I know who I am, and I'd consider myself a pretty sharp tack for the most part, so I think that's why it really gets me.
Others don't always understand feeling out of your element, being new, blah blah blah...which if you can't get that, there's probably something more wrong with you, than I.

This post has no point beside the fact that I simply don't like when your fucking job makes you wonder if you're legitimately stupid or just inexperienced.


Chung Chung Chung

agh, i can't remember who took this shot, but you can't go wrong with Alexa Chung and Debbie Harry at the same time, right?


I want a man, not a boy who thinks he can.

There are times, especially between opposite sexes, when age differences are a total bitch.

On a positive note, how dreamy are ridiculously high, perfectly sculpted Pompadours??

"it's hard to explain"

Whenever someone asks me what i think of this place, i have a hesitant and noticeable grumble, because i'd like to be honest without sounding miserable. I 'like' it, in every sense of the word, i'm just not crazy about it-if you're going to spend more than a few years in a place that will shape your future, i believe you should LOVE it.

As much as I enjoy Portland, I really can't wait for where i'll be going next. Granted it won't be for a couple years, but time goes by pretty fast at this age, so it'll arrive before I know it. I'm not totally in love with PDX, in fact, I miss some of the things that set it aside from other cities...but i need a slower pace right now, along with people that aren't constantly thinking of how to make their millions. PDX seems generally polite & down to earth, though i feel like with such passive surroundings I'm not pushing myself that extra little bit, and i'm more quiet than direct & to the point. I can't explain it, other than the scene here isn't quite what i'm used to or looking for in the long run. I don't feel inspired, and that's something i can't do without...if i can't inspire myself to leave the house, how the hell will i ever make a career without it?

But i would just like to state that i don't hate Portland, I'm not unhappy because of it, i'm not in any huge rush to get out & the people here are fine, it simply doesn't fulfill me like other places have. I like busy, loud, eclectic, cluster-fucked cities with over the top antics from even more over the top people-pulling it off like it's no big deal, but every single day.

If i'm being honest...


So I'm back to the velvet underground, back to the floor that I love.

i've kept my plans and always will. there's new ground to cover, and now it's time to figure out the right approach on making it happen. i can't stay in the same place forever.


I Miss:

-Valley Drives
-Los Angeles
-Lounging on my parent's bed having in-depth family conversations about nonsense.
-Ditching high school classes to smoke weed in inconspicuous places...now it seems i just smoke whenever, wherever because i can't think of anything better to do.
-A fully stocked fridge.
-Art class gossip with Danya & Jessica.
-Anticipation for school to get out for summer.
-Smoking seesha before everyone decided hookah is weed's new cool cousin or something...
-Sleepovers with arabs who drunkenly exercise in the moonlight.
-The Blazer. no i don't. but i do.
-Adventures with Tay and Chronny in the Jeep.
-Friendships before they went sour over personality 'flaws'.
-Living in a house.
-Ska beer
-High school loverz.
-Natural blonde hair.
-Cuddling with my mami :)
-Before everything and everyone blew the fuck up 10x more than necessary.
-When I enjoyed binge drinking?
-Thinking everything was so much more major than it really is.


i forget that i do have a considerable amount of control in what goes on in my life.
the things i have genuinely wanted and put all my energy into have found a way of working out.
certain things have left me for a reason.


Elsa Schiaparelli

Skeleton dress, 1938

In my top 3 favorites from Elliott...it may not be the longest, most powerful song of his, but it's got a certain innocence and sense of intimacy to it. In all honesty his voice at the beginning of the recording could have a lot to do with it too. For someone so unsure of himself, he rarely failed to woe people with the realization that it IS okay to sulk, dwell and feel miserably fucked every now & then, am i right?

you'll get over it. the fact that people get so offended by nipples really is beyond me.


I really wish LANDy would play in Portland soon.

That's the trouble with some of my favorite bands being smaller-they don't always travel too far & wide, plus when two of the members are as successful as Adam & Steven Drozd, their time is usually spent on bigger projects. However, every song from LANDy proves to come from such a genuine passion that the fact their songs are so sparse makes it that much more meaningful.

Adam Goldberg is the poster child for dreamy Jews, at least in my book. I'll hold myself back from going into a tizzy about it...

Wendy O. sweatshirt?

Yes please!