Head back, passed out, pukin'

funnily enough, i haven't been wasted in a good while, but since my body's reacting really wacky to being off medz at the moment, i've had the sensation of being wasted the last few days...but not in the good way, in the 'i'm puking, have tunnel vision, can't eat, sweating my ass off, constantly dizzy' sort of way. trying to occupy my mind with styley beatz and ridiculous lyrics, in hopes of lightening the mood.

god i feel like shit. choking yogurt and tums down was quite the challenge.

*BTW, i really can't decide if Trouble Andrew's a total doucher or not. reminds me of too many chad-broz in hipster disguise that are filling the streets of Durango. but he did (does?) date Santogold, who's pretty genius, so who knows. at any rate, this song's catchy and Spank Rock makes it even better.

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