Jessica (my roommate and partner in crime) has been making semi-animated shorts for awhile & recently started a series to re-tell spooky experiences sent to her by friends...my mother has a few good ones and provided one of her strangest stories for the first movie of the bunch. She loves Jessica's work, so this was a real treat for her!

that was fun...

true envy


Girl Afraid

is this paying off?

Phyllis Galembo

Her depictions of ritual costume throughout Africa are not only eye catching, but show how color, pattern and shape reflect the lives of these people, and vice versa. She recently collaborated with Nick Cave on a live art exhibit, and has put out several books, all stemming from her interest in costume and third-world culture.

Make an 'Amber Alert', my titz are missing...

i'd be lying if i said i don't totally fucking love it though. tiny titz are the shitz!


Magic swimming holes!

Summer adventures are my favorite! We found a pretty prime place in Washington, despite some spots being littered with pizza boxes and 40oz bottles. Rope swings, hiking, warm water, jumping off cliffs into the river-nothing better in the hot weather!

We look good side by side

Does my mom secretly follow Pitchfork or something? Her taste in music is disturbingly more hip than a lot of people i know...The Black Keys, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Arctic Monkeys, Devendra Banhart, Gogol Bordello, Feist, Fleet Foxes, Man Man, The Unicorns-and that was awhile ago, who knows what she's into now.

my mom is so rad!


I wanna feel that my future's still comin'

This song plays every day that i work, so it's impossible to keep out of my head...but as an Apples in Stereo fan, that's quite alright with me.
It's a pretty dance-y tune from their usual sound, but Robert Schneider's signature shrill voice surprisingly fits-can't help but groove to it.

...and hey, Elijah Wood isn't creeping my out in the video, how 'bout that?


strangely good

of course it's nowhere near as great as the original, but this is one of the coolest parts of 'Human Highway' and i mean, it's DEVO!



M.I.A.'s new album 'Maya' sucks...

In this case, babies DO ruin everything.
No M.I.A., we didn't forget about you, how could we with the fuckery that is "Paper Planes"???
'Maya' sounds sleepy, tired, incomplete and doesn't relay any sort of groovy message other than she put this one out for the cash...there's no passion behind it!
I was drawn to her for the in-your-face chants of heavy political upheaval, refugee life and her not-worthy collaboration of Indian & English culture. All played over some of the most danceable beats this generation has heard.

I think this album needed to cook a little longer...i get the more sensitive side she wanted to touch on and the whole toning it down for the tot act most artists pull, but what happened? It's missing too many crucial elements that make up her signature Dancehall Queen style...and she's certainly not showing Gaga up with this one (not that i consider them that similar, but we all read M.I.A.'s take on Lady Gaga's style, sound and general persona).

The only song i'm enjoying a little is "It Takes A Muscle"...it's got a kind of a cool low-fi sound and a chorus that's hard not to get stuck in your head. I'll call it 'good' i guess, but again, compared to her previous work, it's nothing to write home about. What i'm trying to say, is that we all know you're better than that M.I.A.


-Childhood Relics-

one of my favorite artifacts from my childhood, this little tin box perfectly fits my smoking supplies now.
funny how things work out.