Jenny Lindberg, Emily Kokal & Theresa Wayman make up the LA rock band Warpaint.
Shannon Sossaman, who's better known for her roles in films like 'Wristcutters' & 'The Rules of Attraction' (which Theresa Wayman also appeared in as the suicidal admirer of Sean Bateman), was the original drummer. She also happens to be Jenny Lindberg's sister, but due to her acting career she left the band and has been replaced a couple times. Their music has a sleepiness to it that's perfect for winding-down, but they're always experimenting with different sounds, that keep me waiting for what's next. I first got a friend request on myspace a couple years ago and fell in love with their songs 'Elephants' & 'Stars', but I've genuinely enjoyed everything they've come out with since.

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