+into the wild+

[hard to say]

i want to throw myself into so many things, it's just the jump-off point that i struggle with.
hate wasted effort, even more so, failure...which let me state here: i've crashed and burned more than a few times.
routine isn't my thing always, but right now i'm thirsty for some order in my life.
once i accomplish that, it's just about finding the time & not dropping the ball.
for once, i'd love to not drop that goddamn ball.



$ h r e d † h i $



My Little Pony hair+Suicidal Tendencies=my full attention

i sense a massive DIY coming on

Charles Anatase's 'Dungeon Boot'...so dreamy.

Bitchin' Bloomers

I am always seeing these lace, ruffled bloomer shorts at vintage shops, in assorted colors, and for so long i held back on buying a pair because i feared it would look like i was either on my way to a rave, an extra for Moulin Rouge or a little too Gothic Lolita for my taste. However, i recently had a 'vision' (eh, smoking that devil's weed does that) and have some great ideas in mind. In a perfectly weird way, they fit in with my latest style inspirations (which i'll address later)...i love dressing in contradiction, soft with hard elements usually. I think i'll have some fun finding what to wear them with!


Superstarlet A.D.

watched this little Troma gem today...if you like tough girls, titties and post-apocalyptic battles between redheads, blondes and brunettes, then i highly recommend it.
the movie was released in 2000, but shot in 16mm, so it's got that prime/shitty film quality i love.


i had forgotten about Billy Bragg, sort of, until recently...i've been listening him alot the last week. he's always reminded me of Morrissey but less whiney-which don't get me wrong, i am a huge Smiths fan, but at times, it can be a bit 'wahh wahh', no?
at any rate, Billy Bragg's accent mixed with deeo new wave tones, though not much synthesized sound at all, feels very appropriate for Portland right now.

i don't mind.

not one bit.


If there's one thing i love more than new magazines, it's OLD MAGAZINES! Anything older than 2000 gets me in a tizzy of nostalgia, or wishing i were born in another decade. I collect old Playboys from the 70's, because i've got a thing for vintage/antique erotica. The fact that 'House of Vintage' here in Portland has a shelf full of them doesn't help...i'm bound to get more. Old nudie mags are done so much more tastefully, in my opinion, with such silly themes-but it's fun to see how far erotica has *cough* cum. (forgive me, it's 3:30 am, i needed a little excitement.)


Proenza Schouler, without a doubt, is one of my top favorite designers when it comes to shoes. I like footwear with a dramatic shape, but a wearability for night and day...as i often prefer wearing nighttime pieces in a dressed down manner. PS has always had a mix & match aesthetic, adding unexpected details, and pulling it off flawlessly. These shoes' latch-style buckle is clever, not overkill to the turquoise reptile skin and thoughtfully designed heel. If there's one trend i'm loving, it's the comeback of the platform, and PS obviously knows how to come through on this one.

+witchy weather+