Molly Ringwald has been my hero since my mother let me watch Pretty In Pink with her when i was little.
That movie particularly influenced me to make my own style, fuck what all the other girls were buying at the same stores...and her look in P.I.P. was always AMAZING, florals, light pink, ankle boots, hats, and never skipping accessories.
And i can't forget Duckie's style either, he might've influenced me just as much with his new-wave/rudeboy garb.
I mean, Harry Dean Stanton is in this, so if you for whatever reason have been living under a rock, or maybe rock a 90's birthdate, see it already!

Really the entire movie had such wonderful aesthetics to it, from the music & clothes, to the way the lighting was set up.
It's in my Top 10 favorites, hands down.

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