i need more floral prints in my wardrobe!

Miss Ringwald's character in one of my all time faves, "Pretty In Pink", has always inspired me for spring looks.

Lemmy says:

"If you think you got what it takes, shove it out, run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it."


"...and how does that make you feel?"

the time is now, and nothing can hold me back anymore.

please & thank you

i really would like to find a Theremin and make some spooky music...plus, as someone who blows at playing instruments, i could figure this out!

i get so excited when i catch the sound of a Theremin in any song.
geeky instruments need some more attention...


wow, i'm a little caught up in getting my stuff settled in Portland, exploring the city and whatnot, BUT i really have some great stuff just waiting to be posted, once i get some time to focus on that.

i also have some projects/endeavors i'm waiting to start up...just not until i get a job, because unfortunately money is a factor, as usual. plus, i need an actual schedule of some sort to work around, or else i just feel lazy.

moving tends to put everything out of order for a little bit. my entire wardrobe is a mountain on my bedroom floor, which makes picking out my clothes a little tough...too bad i didn't bring any hangers! my closet is huge though, and it's going to look fucking BOSS when i finish with it.


Oh hey, PDX!

after a grueling drive filled with redbull, 'astronaut pills', a pack of cigs and 1 speeding ticket, i made it.
if i see another semi-truck i may vomit too.

but i love the new setting so far!
i can tell things are going to be fun...more-so AFTER i find a job.
there's alot of things that feel right about being here.
i miss my family & close friends back home already, but i could not stay around there...it brought out the bad side in me and left me feeling stir crazy and angered by people's bullshit very easily.


one day left.

my car is packed full of all my belongings, mostly clothes.
if i can survive the nearly 20 hour drive to PORTLAND on my own, i'm fucking golden.
new place, new adventures, i like 'new' right now.

the search for a job might bog me down a little, but that's part of living in the real world.
Durango was not very real to me, in the least.
it always leaves me feeling fucking jaded and bitter in the end.

currently scouring the interwebz for:

Jeffrey Meyer

bite me, betty


Volkswagen Beetle with a Rolls Royce grill. Limited edition '73/'74
My mother lived in Las Vegas at that time, as a teenager, and fell in love with them when she saw one up close.

(this is not my photo, found it on google from a car forum, but i did fancy it up...)


when people think of "GOOD" music that comes out of Colorado, i want them to think Pictureplane

Travis Edgy has been doing his thang for a few years, but finally got noticed by Pitchfork (puke, but hey good for the artists, right?) and has since been getting bigger and bigger. From the Rhinoceropolis (aka his house) to getting a gig at SXSW, he's pleasing ears all over. in the name of Darkwave, Pictureplane is worth a listen!

But for christ' sake, if one more person links Colorado to 3Oh!3, i'm going to scream.


♥ ♥ ♥

[Make-up to Break-up]

Siouxsie Sioux inspired eyes are on my to-do list.



it hasn't slipped my mind.

vant! vant! vant!

i'm really fond of Obesity & Speed...their tops are perfectly worn and have the best graphics.

it's like your favorite t-shirt ever, but better!

getting lace shorts ASAP to layer under cut-offs and mini dresses. F21 has some cheapies, of course.

i have NEVER been one to wear pj's or sweats out of the house, but i've seen some nice fitting ones and i could definitely pair them with wedges or heels and not feel like i forgot to get dressed.


if a pan-handling hippie on main street asks me if i had any money for a beer, that's one thing.
maybe if i didn't see them inside drinking beers, and smelling the bar up with their Patchouli oil earlier i would've considered it for a second...
then i remembered i have no cash on me, in fact, my friend bought the only drink i had tonight...so i politely said sorry and told them i didn't even have money for my own beer.
"whatever liar," instead of the nice tone they put on when first approaching me.

fuck off, get a job just like the rest of us and make you're own money.
i get so irked by that bullshit, really.

the last thing i've ever wanted was to live an "ordinary life"

sometimes i can't handle the thought of just having a job that involves doing the same exact thing everyday, with others that want out equally as much.
working for someone else who doesn't give a fuck about your well-being, and could care less if your labor to pay ratio is completely bogus.
settling on a career that only makes me more bitter about people, the world, money, myself? why would you if you have the drive to go higher?

and children. my god, there are enough on this planet as it is.
i'm lucky i can properly care for myself, which i don't, let alone another human.
too many people make casual comments about their kids being a burden on them-financially, socially, mentally, etc.
first, it's not anyone's fault that they're parents were in the mood to screw and ended up with yes, a child that eats your food, needs your attention, asks for money, makes messes.
second, if you have the choice (and there are more than a few out there) to have or not have kids, and you know you don't want to give up the luxuries of not parenting, then DON'T.
or adopt, if you must, because while families are having "14 Kids & Counting", orphanages and foster homes are still filling up daily with children that deserve every chance others do.
i am not afraid to say that i am too selfish to parent a child, at least for the plans i have, i am. and so are many many others, which i find nothing wrong with.
better than being naive and thinking a baby is the solution to your problems.

now excuse that long tangent on my deep thought of reproducing, it's just an issue i think more people should think about.

i'm attracted to more strange and quirky things in life, than normal and 'safe'.
whether it's music, films, art, fashion, other people, the list goes on and on.
it's such a waste to worry about being acceptable to others, and how to blend in.
no one is the same, why act it?
but at the same time, don't come out appearing as something you know you're not.
a contrived persona is such a buzz-kill quality, it's not even funny. (well sometimes it is)
what i'm getting at, is what the fuck ever sounded appealing about being normal, ordinary or safe?
dwelling on what could've or should've been only sets you back further.
i'm just focusing on what CAN be, and WILL be.

but hey, what is "ordinary", right?



the only reason i want to go to Coachella this year is to see John Waters do whatever he's there to do...so i must give some kudos for that random choice in the line-up. otherwise, i could do without seeing a bunch of sweaty, half naked, hipsters looking for anyone with a camera.

i need to smoke a bowl

fuck all this neo-Burton shit...

total shoe-gasm

i'm considering getting a pair of high-top creeper boots, and in my search to find any other variations i stumbled upon these ILL shoes by George Cox. unfortunately they're tricky to find and quite pricey, but his creepers are hands-down the coolest i have seen yet. maybe when i've got more cash flow, one of these pairs will be mine!

obviously, i don't need to explain why a boot version of a creeper is completely amazing.

this cross boot is so sick!

this stitching design makes for a different style, i'm in love with them.

i really prefer buckled creepers, and these are right on!