i want to tell myself "just suck it up and be nice"...kill with kindness bullshit.
once upon a time, i let people walk all over me, and i never got anything i really wanted in life.
now i stand up for myself and stand my ground, but sometimes i just want to mend all broken things and cave in.

i do what i want, and as long as i'm not directly hurting anyone, i carry on with it.
but sometimes i'm hurting knowing that someone has ill feelings towards me for petty reasons.
i don't like to fix shit that isn't my fault, i'm stubborn about it, but it does weigh on my mind more.

i'm leaving at the end of April, and i'd rather not have someone spewing childish comments when i'm not around to defend myself, so it needs to stop. and if that means i have to give in, then so be it.

better times & better places are ahead of me. i don't really need to impress anyone right now.

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