Faites vos desirs realitie

i haven't gotten a chance to watch Jubilee from beginning to end, but there really are so many things worth mentioning about this film...music, the fashion, political undertones, humor, brits...all in the name of punk rock.

[sidenote: i find it funny so many people who once considered punk & original hardcore to be 'scary' or mocked it, have become oh-so hard. but with the recent trends of studs, leather, head shaving, docs & whatnot, everyone and their mother is a Raw Motherfucker, apparently.]

Daisy Lowe's boots...are consuming my mind for a moment.

the boys wanna be her//the girls wanna be her

i'm so thankful my brother has killer taste in music and exposed me all the good stuff early on.
some days just call for some Siouxsie Sioux

too bad "It's On" is off...

she's got a way with vintage & high-end

[ R U D Y ]

To much perfection is a mistake.

moods & things

jesus ain't cheap

it's about that time again.

as one friend put it, she's like a mix between Tank Girl & Eminem all in one little Rude-child.

missing LA


in other words, i'm trying to say:

bunk little hynas have got no respect.


we went on a mini-hike since the weather has been so nice...it's a pretty good view of the valley, so well worth it!

this picture has a hint of McQ with the mirroring of the rock, eh?

+Under My Thumb+

more ALK

she's got such an interesting look, in my opinion.

Another Magazine


my lovely shoes finally arrived after waiting months and it was well worth it!
the temperature outside is rising everyday, so i'm very happy to break out my shorts.

blouse: vintage, cut-offs: levis diy, fishnets, turban headband, antique crucifix my dad handed down to me.

† R e s t I n P a r a d i s e †

miss you Samson

Dree Hemingway's style has come a long way since Teen Vogue. so killer!

Vogue Nippon always calls it...

back in 2007...

Lonely by Lonely Hearts


I've been an avid fan of Terry Richardson since high school, in fact i asked my parents for 'Terryworld' in 10th grade and received a giant "NO." However, i must credit another one of my favorite photographers who probably made one of the biggest impacts on Terry's work: his father Bob Richardson.

he didn't start shooting with a camera until he was 35, but shot top musicians, models and actors in his short line of work. truly talented and often forgotten, but i can never get enough of his photos, if only there were more.

he often shot a young Angelica Huston, who really is an accomplished, admirable woman in my opinion.

Nina Hagen even!


dear leeches & frauds of the Durango persuasion:

I'm not like you and I don't want your advice or your praise
or to move in the ways you do
and i never will.

You'd have been better to stay round our way
Thinking about things but not actually doing things.



Neo-Barbarella much?

NOT that it's a bad thing by any means.

cue the pants pissing...

i saw this ring on Christeric's blog and now it haunts my dreams...where oh where can i get my fingers on/in one?

i'm beginning to think my brother has some illegitimate children out in the world...how rad must a kid be to know about, let alone listen to Suicidal Tendencies?!

[meditate on the world & what's occurin']