Listening to...

alot of older stuff, i'm once again too overwhelmed by all the new bands coming out & i don't have the memory space in my brain for it.

The Pandoras-basically one of the greatest all girl punk bands. Youtube that ish, if you know what's good for you.

The Killer Dolls-short lived band but they're so good, plus i really enjoy foreign punk bands, it's got something extra.

The Defectors-like i said above, on the whole foreign note...the lead singer sounds like Sam Kinison, they're from Denmark (rock the heritage) & have a total 60's garage band thing going on. this particular video is so aesthetically pleasing to me...

The Pastels-gahhh i adore them.

The Bags-too good for words! from L.A. & Alice Bag is radder than shit.

by the way, this entire documentary Decline of Western Civilization" is a must-see, worth the trouble of watching it on the internet even.

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