These are going right next to my vintage Playboys

Snatched these 1983 issues of Rolling Stone at the thrift store!
i couldn't pass it up, especially something with Prince on the cover...

i'm now on the hunt for a purple blazer to stud!

Prince's ladies.

Rick James & Diamond Dave blazing onstage? awesome.

Mr. Newman


K.H. 2010


pretty, creepy.

Credit: Nick Haymes

those brows!


Freshest thing i've heard recently:

South African beat masters! the lyrics are somewhat ridiculous, but they totally make that shit work...along with this hella ironic steeze they've got going on.

excuse me while i try to find the words...

Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 at NYFW.

the cut-out looks & fabric combos are so killer!

i adore accordian pleat dresses, and this is so gothy but somewhat doll-like.

My jaw: DROPPED.
there's a few artists who's work i would love to have inked on myself. (i tend to favor more random, on the spot tats) So far, Brian Viveros & Miss Van are a definite YES, which i'm almost positive i've posted on loooong ago.

after seeing Audrey Kawasaki's work in Juxtapoz awhile ago, i've been so drawn to her dreamy, delicate style. i love the color palettes she chooses...lots of seafoam & peach! the line work is so open-ended and feather light, it's truly gorgeous.

these are my absolute favorites:


i have so much i want to do right now, where do i start??

my time is split between work, hangouts with friends (avoiding everyone else) and trying to keep a creative mind...my hands just want to make things like crazy right now! so i'm focusing any lingering annoyances in my life on some projects, because i really feel like vomiting everytime i have to see most people around here. it's not that i can't stand them usually, it's that i'm tired of the SAME questions, same occurances, same pouty bitches, same old shit...i need something different!

i hope my new camera and laptop battery get here tomorrow, because my parents computer sucks and i'm itching to take photos!

winter can feel free to end anytime now...

i need more color!


woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

thanks to Nyquil i slept well into the afternoon, and felt out of wack all day.
to make matters worse, the only camera in my house is now broken...but i think i'll be ordering a new one tonight, because i absolutely need one. and a new battery for my laptop before i'm really sorry.
ugh...unexpected expenses are such an annoyance.

besides that, i'm just trying to make sure all is in order, it's sorta working.


Oh yes we did...

birthday cakes for dogs, why not?
my family IS ridiculous, in the best way possible.


"My Little Pony hair" will always appeal to me...

still debating between green or blue...i'm probably going to do it a couple weeks before my job ends for the season, still having mixed feelings (and opinions!) about my reddish/mahogany hair.


haha apparently you can put pipes in Polyvore sets

i keep getting hung up on the Balenciage high-top boat shoes. even if they are mens & way out of my budget at this point...too cool!

"i wanna talk to samson!"

Samson was excited to see himself on the computer! he normally watches television...Robot Chicken & Cops seem to be his favorites.

so my hair...turned out differently than i wanted...but as i was dying it, i thought that i'm not ready to let go of my black hair yet! it's dark red right now, and looks decent but i may just dye it good old noir again, then do some blue pieces here and there...i can't get enough of cotton candy-my little pony-pastel hairs, so it'll be fun.

the plum would look better in the fall or early winter anyhow.

edit: uh is it possible to achieve mint colored hair? because i want it. fuck blue.

EDITED Edit: i guess mint it tough to do, so i take back that whole 'fuck blue' thing...

†Rest In Paradise†

Alexander McQueen can be assured that he will be remembered.

my heart really dropped when i saw that we no longer have one of fashion's most daring & innovative designers with us...such a shock, since he was at the height of his success right now. at least he blew some minds & made an imprint.


alright, the first attempt at the plum/mahogany hair is about to go down...fingers crossed
i made this necklace the other day (very sloppy & unskillfully, i might add)...i had some charms lying around & found the dream-catcher looking pendent at the thrift, added a gold chain so i can wear it with whatever. i'm pretty fond of it :)

excuse the terrible detail, i was hurried & unsteady, obviously. (there's a native chief, cross, feather & guadalupe on it)

and the plan for tonight is...

i am totally getting down with the VHS lately, i enjoy the low-fi, shittiness in quality...it's like listening to vinyl or tapes. and i was just about to buy Barbarella on dvd, which i knew i should be saving, but to my suprise i found this unopened copy of it at the thrift store! VICTORY.

i've got a good collection going so far...



Last day of magic, where are you?

thrifting, followed by snowy blaze drives...what a prime day. my huge "Wild Thing" fur coat got to come out!
my hair is the same color as the coat at this point, i'm still stripping the black out, so it's auburn-ish now :/

while it's still cold & grey...

glad i finally found some high waisted trousers...both of these looks are really nice, very structured.

i wish i had easier access to Zara :(

the shorts...THE SHORTS!