These are a few of my favorite things...

finally, i'm getting around to posting some of my newest editions to my closet! (and by closet, i mean my entire bedroom floor...)
some of these were christmas gifts, others are my recent thrifted/vintage finds

snagged these Kenneth Cole golf-style shoes at a thrift store, and i'm absolutely in love with them. the only downside is that they have the world's worst traction.

i had tried on this poncho sweater on Melrose and it's cozy as hell, so glad i found it online! i normally don't like ponchos too much, but i love the sleeves and cowl neck. screw Snuggies...

i drooled when i saw these, and for how high they are, i can totally walk in them without any issues. they're more of a purple-y color, but this photo doesn't do them justice!

i bought this vintage cropped blouse at Wasteland, the sleeves are cool and the fit is perfect.

THESE! well, i found them in a thrift store in the rundown town of Farmington, NM...the metal tip heel & ankle straps are killer. they're very impractical, but hey, they're vintage & i could use them as a weapon, so i'd say it's a good buy.

studded glovies! they add a tougher element to pretty much any outfit.

antique leather gloves that i inherited years and years ago from a relative, but i didn't think to really wear them until now. i've got to be gentle on these though, because they're from the 1920's.

oh man, this gem was thrifted and i'm sure someone moved to Colorado thinking this would help them fit in haha...but it's super soft, has a nice oversized fit and it's by BILL BLASS!

i've been lusting after a cape more than ever since i saw them all over the runways. thank god for Target, this is perfect!

my mom picked out these Costume Dept. leggings and they're real cool, i'm proud of her for choosing such sick pieces :)

thrifted victorian-esque boots, very easy to walk in.

motorcycle boots, finally!

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