so while i'm working & saving all my skrilla to move in April, i've been trying to make a mental list of things i need to get...i found out one of my best friends & her boyfriend fought over who got to live with me when i got there, but she won of course so i cannot wait!

i've figured the majority of the stuff i have to take on the move will be my wardrobe, so i'm trying not to bring toooo much in terms of furniture or just weird nonsense things. however a few things i'm thinking of getting first are:

old classic suitcases are one of my weak spots, they're the best for storage & decor, even furniture. the more the better!

Flokati shag rugs are the absolute best...i love laying on my floor sometimes. i've seen a few for pretty reasonable prices, so hopefully i can snag one.

ah man, of course i want this Virgin Mary lamp!

so i love Barbarella and posters are fun but sometimes look sloppy, anyway this is a 9 piece wall hanging that you put together...so sick, and not too pricey either!

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