So my mother had gotten me this AMAZING fur jacket for my birthday last September, but for some reason i have barely worn it (??) i know, what gives?

It's a really large coat though, so i sometimes feel like a yeti, but it really does deserve some more attention, considering some poor creature's life was cut short for it. this brings me to my next point: i only wear secondhand, vintage furs because i feel that if an animal was killed for it's fur, it shouldn't just sit in someone's attic or a thrift store, it should be getting taken care of and adored by someone else. i would NEVER have something made for me that required killing a creature. people should educate themselves on regions where furs come from. believe it or not, some places do get furs from animals that are overpopulating an area. these areas use the meat and the rest of the animal, wasting less, as opposed to fur farms that rather torture the animals first, then dispose of their body after skinning them. terrible huh?

i think the whole debate over fur in fashion is valid on both sides, and wearing it doesn't mean you hate all animals, just as not wearing it doesn't make you a fucking saint, right? things like this just take a little research before you should make such a strong opinion.

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