Let's get one thing straight

this blog (i almost hate the word) is the equivalent to my journal...before i really updated this frequently, i kept a fat notebook of photos, quotes, art, clothing that struck my fancy and worked each page around it. this 'thing' is simply a hi-tech way for me to remember things or give my opinion on something. plus you can't put videos in a notebook, now can you??

that being said, for someone to knock the idea of sharing with others (btw, i've never written totally sappy, wah wah shit in my journal, so that's why i don't mind others seeing this) is a bit out of line.
that's why people have journals/blogs, because they can do whatever the fuck they please...it's not really up to some loser who simply doesn't like the material. these 'things' are a dime-o-dozen honestly, so move on to the next, don't get catty about it and waste your breath. your shit's nothing to write home about either...

what i'm getting at, is that if you're going to bitch about how you don't care what my (or loads of people's) thoughts/opinions are, then great, but keep in mind that they're personal, meaning you're not really a fucking concern when i write 99.9% of the time...with the .1% exception to this obviously.

-thanks but no thanks.

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