Jonsi=Lead singer of Sigur Ros!? WONDERFUL.

Maybe i'm late in the game, i haven't had space in my brain for more great musicians to remember, but i am so glad i know now.

While taking a scenic "blaze drive" (car, buddy, weed, outside city limits-the best) with my girl Claire, "Boy Lilikoi" came on through XM radio and we both agreed it reminded us of S.R...no wonder. I absolutely ADORE them for any and all reasons already, their music is just bone-chilling good. I still have got to see them live, it would be an experience & a half! I would not be suprised if i were moved to tears haha.

Jonsi is going straight to the top of my favorites, it's beautiful & still has the melodic sound of S.R. just different in a way. His voice is something else...

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