everyday at work is dealing with people like this dude...times 100

my job is in no way stylish HA! but it's interesting to be honest, and i really don't dread going aside from the cold, waking up at 7am & having to wear snowpants and shit everyday. it's fine for the spot i'm in right now, it ends right when i plan to move, my brother works there, i get paid decently for easy work...can't complain :)

at any rate, i feel like i should try to get shots of the really over-the-top Gaper suits i see at work, some are just too ridiculous.


Anja Rubik in Vogue Nippon's March issue

This spread makes me feel warm just looking at it! Anja is such a great choice too, her wardrobe for this is so darling.

i'm in LOVE with the pure, white lace frocks for Spring...completely perfect!


so while i'm working & saving all my skrilla to move in April, i've been trying to make a mental list of things i need to get...i found out one of my best friends & her boyfriend fought over who got to live with me when i got there, but she won of course so i cannot wait!

i've figured the majority of the stuff i have to take on the move will be my wardrobe, so i'm trying not to bring toooo much in terms of furniture or just weird nonsense things. however a few things i'm thinking of getting first are:

old classic suitcases are one of my weak spots, they're the best for storage & decor, even furniture. the more the better!

Flokati shag rugs are the absolute best...i love laying on my floor sometimes. i've seen a few for pretty reasonable prices, so hopefully i can snag one.

ah man, of course i want this Virgin Mary lamp!

so i love Barbarella and posters are fun but sometimes look sloppy, anyway this is a 9 piece wall hanging that you put together...so sick, and not too pricey either!

i think i captured a pretty good example of my brother's music taste here
So my mother had gotten me this AMAZING fur jacket for my birthday last September, but for some reason i have barely worn it (??) i know, what gives?

It's a really large coat though, so i sometimes feel like a yeti, but it really does deserve some more attention, considering some poor creature's life was cut short for it. this brings me to my next point: i only wear secondhand, vintage furs because i feel that if an animal was killed for it's fur, it shouldn't just sit in someone's attic or a thrift store, it should be getting taken care of and adored by someone else. i would NEVER have something made for me that required killing a creature. people should educate themselves on regions where furs come from. believe it or not, some places do get furs from animals that are overpopulating an area. these areas use the meat and the rest of the animal, wasting less, as opposed to fur farms that rather torture the animals first, then dispose of their body after skinning them. terrible huh?

i think the whole debate over fur in fashion is valid on both sides, and wearing it doesn't mean you hate all animals, just as not wearing it doesn't make you a fucking saint, right? things like this just take a little research before you should make such a strong opinion.

Haute Damn

i was slightly disappointed with some designer's Haute Couture collections this year...though that's merely my opinion, but i DID really like:

Chanel-The icey tones with brocade and silk are so beautiful, not to mention the hair! The wedding themed collection is anything but tacky...a very futuristic deco bridal look. Chanel owned it, per usual.

Valentino-Obviously the pastel hair is getting me lately, and the color combos are genius. Also the fabric details & overlapping are really well done, flawless.

Anne Valerie Hash-ooh shiny :o


a million thank you's

You can all thank Lady Gaga for helping to bring the Polaroid back...she's their new Creative Director. I knew it was only a matter of time before people protested against the discontinuation of such an iconic product, but who would've thought it would be her? I have a box full of my polaroids, i eventually want to fill a wall...so it looks like i can pick-up on that goal again, soon!

Shoes or new tires?

Sorry, tires, maybe next paycheck...

Shoes won.
No, these aren't THE Balenciagas...but they're pretty identical. I drooled over the real thing for way too long and i am on something called a "budget"...no other wedges seemed to impress me as much, so i settled on these replicas.

mmm can't wait.

I've been on the hunt for a pair of high waisted, tapered trousers for awhile. It was pretty exciting when i found this rust colored pair at the thrift store! I wore an antique lace teddy that my aunt gave to me a long time ago, an old lace trim cardigan, black knot boots and a beanie. I felt very much like Katherine Hepburn today :)


Jeffrey Campbell's collaboration shoe with the LB contest winner. It's $135, which for this shoe, is reasonable...they're limited edition, obviously.

These are dreamy...i love the grey.
I can hear my closet whispering "i want that inside of me"...yeah, she's got a dirty mouth sometimes.


matte black lips?

the search begins...

And obviously those glasses are badass too.

i have different obsessions on the daily

what is it about dip-dyed ends that get me? i think after my mahogany phase i'm going to do lavender tips.

mmm Pierre Hardy. i've always liked the little chukka boot style, so throw some metallic on it & i'm in love.

i'm toning down on the studded items lately (not ready to look like an extra from "Nuke 'Em High" yet) but i love wing-tips and these Sam Edelman boots are reallllly nice on the eyes. laceless & all.

Balenciaga high-top boat shoe...enough said.

this western-shirt/dress is awesome, especially under the fur coat. my closet needs one, and it's only a matter of a trip to the thrift store and a few nips & tucks to take it in.

Let's get one thing straight

this blog (i almost hate the word) is the equivalent to my journal...before i really updated this frequently, i kept a fat notebook of photos, quotes, art, clothing that struck my fancy and worked each page around it. this 'thing' is simply a hi-tech way for me to remember things or give my opinion on something. plus you can't put videos in a notebook, now can you??

that being said, for someone to knock the idea of sharing with others (btw, i've never written totally sappy, wah wah shit in my journal, so that's why i don't mind others seeing this) is a bit out of line.
that's why people have journals/blogs, because they can do whatever the fuck they please...it's not really up to some loser who simply doesn't like the material. these 'things' are a dime-o-dozen honestly, so move on to the next, don't get catty about it and waste your breath. your shit's nothing to write home about either...

what i'm getting at, is that if you're going to bitch about how you don't care what my (or loads of people's) thoughts/opinions are, then great, but keep in mind that they're personal, meaning you're not really a fucking concern when i write 99.9% of the time...with the .1% exception to this obviously.

-thanks but no thanks.


GOOD creepy though.


Les yeux sans visage

probably in my top 10 favorite songs...Billy Idol is always prime in my mind.

how ridiculous(ly cool) is the video, too?!


+When you're strange, people remember your name+

the so-called fashion experts on Yahoo found Ashley Olsen's look in Alexander McQueen way too weird...

fucking squares.

so bored with my hairz

i'm growing it out, so i can't really cut, nor do i want to...but i figure some color would suffice.
i like my hair dark, but the black is getting really blah. time for something new!

i've been liking dark mahogany shades lately, it reminds me of when my brother went through his Grunge phase in the 90's & dyed his hair the same color. i like that it's not a natural color, but still passes off in most cases as 'normal'...i hate when jobs stop you from trying certain looks, though i guess it makes sense, i know i know. my mother keeps nagging me, and yes, she "HATES" mahogany hair but maybe i'll change her mind. after all, she had similar opinions before i dyed my hair black.

at any rate, i apparently have to strip my color first (yikes :/ ) but i'm going for a darker shade, with almost a plum tint to it hopefully.

Peaches Geldof, save the opinions, i just like that hair color!


Lagerfeld's first appearance on television in 1955.

he's just fascinating, let's be honest. old enough to be my grandfather, but mine only wore one piece leisure suits and enjoyed maintaining his lawn.

hmm...i've never had a "dream grandpa" before...

my patience has certainly paid off.

i can hardly keep up with my weekly thrift gems lately, since i don't get to wear what i normally would while i'm at work most days, and have yet to wear some of my favorite new finds! but one has gotten the most attention, so while i'm still waiting for the new camera, i'm going to have to deal with the shitty-ness of macbook photos...here's my new furry friend:

it was placed in a random spot of the thrift store and was $2...there's a few worn spots because it's old, but i wear the earflaps up so it doesn't matter. my dogs are starting to get jealous of it, i think.

i can't wait to share the rest when my camera arrives ♥

Bohemian Like You

I hoard Sharon Tate photos, yes. (obviously, since this is my second post on her)


A Single Man

i must see this! it's directed by TOM FORD for christ's sake! it's based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood, and while books are usually better in comparison, this one is brought to life in the eyes of a fashion veteran. i also am a fan of Julianne Moore, so even better!


busy busy busy

i have been totally frazzled lately, trying to find time in the day when i'm not working, to catch up with friends and work on projects. it's a little rough considering i have a cold/cough deal that will just not quit & i think i'm always lacking sleep!

i ordered a new digital camera, FINALLY...and just realized i put my old address in, shit! but i think it's straightened out now, i just hate waiting even longer.

last week on my days off i did some serious, down-to-business thrifting & ended up finding some items i've been looking everywhere for, for way cheaper than i'd anticipated (always a plus!). i'm going to post them soon so i won't reveal, but i am REALLY loving my closet right now :)


Jonsi=Lead singer of Sigur Ros!? WONDERFUL.

Maybe i'm late in the game, i haven't had space in my brain for more great musicians to remember, but i am so glad i know now.

While taking a scenic "blaze drive" (car, buddy, weed, outside city limits-the best) with my girl Claire, "Boy Lilikoi" came on through XM radio and we both agreed it reminded us of S.R...no wonder. I absolutely ADORE them for any and all reasons already, their music is just bone-chilling good. I still have got to see them live, it would be an experience & a half! I would not be suprised if i were moved to tears haha.

Jonsi is going straight to the top of my favorites, it's beautiful & still has the melodic sound of S.R. just different in a way. His voice is something else...

Pants are highly over-rated sometimes...

Leigh Lezark is not.



whoever says you can get by without friends is a liar.

Keep an eye & ear out for this one on the right, Claire Alice is going to be a household name someday!