doin' it mahself

when i was in LA for thanksgiving i had bought this rhinestone (haha) native princess thing in the fashion district...after i had made fun of Ed Hardy clothing for ruining rhinestones. But i couldn't resist, and after a woman showed me a bunch of blazers she'd had decorated with different ones for her son, i knew just the piece to put it on. My favorite vintage little boys blazer was feeling a bit plain so i thought i'd spruce it up. These little fuckers are a pain to deal with, but since i hate rhinestones in most cases, i doubt it'll be happening again.

Anyway, ta-da!

Head Strong

ooh looks like i'll have to bust a DIY possibly, because this Erickson Beamon headband is amazing, but also about $1000...




mmm the holla-daze

despite my poor Jetta getting a flat tire on the way to work this morning, my Christmas was great...work wasn't bad, skiers are pretty easy to deal with. it was nice to go home to my family at the end of the day :)

i got some wonderful gifts, that' i'll post soon...and a gift card i'm just itching to use on clothing and shoes! and i think my brother and parents loved their gifts i picked out, i love giving presents ♥


i'm gone half the day at work so all i want to do when i'm home, is watch movies...typical winter.

I got "Polyester" as a present last week, which is awesome because i adore all things John Waters.

i wonder if designers at American Apparel were watching this scene in Polyester when they decided to do "The Disco Pant".


Isn't this Minnie-Mouse shoot great? Love Chanel Iman too!


where is my gun!?

i'd like to know when Jessica Simpson ever listened to The Smashing Pumpkins.
i'd also like to know what the fuck possessed Billy Corgan on this one.

Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness is one of my top 5 favorite albums, ever...i'm bothered as shit right now!


get it, LA babiez!

oh NO!

I Don't Like Monday's (idontlikemondays.us) is having a sale and though it's a smaller selection, it's all the best stuff!

i'm not a disney fanatic, but this jumpsuit is killer!

this Bralette thing is cool...i may just bust a DIY for it though.

i'm picky about my jeans lately, and these are awesome...Cheap Monday makes the best skinnies i think.

I posted these Ground Zero sweaters awhile ago, because i adore the humor in them, plus sweaters are my favorite...finally on sale!


are my eyes bleeding? i'm not sure...

maybe if it weren't LL.



i had posted about going to the LA club Voyeur a few weeks ago, and have been looking for more pictures of it because describing it doesn't do much justice.

LUCKILY, Mark Hunter @ the cobrasnake snapped a couple of the nudie girls!

MJ never lets me down.

These McQueen platforms are awesome...steam-punk ballerina?

Miu Miu, again...these are so subtly cool with the heel design and the multicolor isn't too loud but just enough to make an all black outfit interesting.

Finsk did these for fall, but i just saw them...i ADORE them.

In love with these Miu Miu's!!!

Aren't the Miu Miu Teacup shoes great? They have a big-top circus look to them.


speaking of Snow...

Just looking through some photos i had saved of Dash Snow's work...such a shame there won't be any more.