one of those posts where i ramble a bit...

Though certain things aren't picking up for me right now, i kind of forgot that there's some major stuff i've been making decisions on still.

*I was planning on moving back to LA around the end of winter, which was all that kept me motivated because i adore LA. But i started questioning whether it would be worth it to move there and be broke just for the sake of being where i feel happiest. While i'm all for doing what makes you happy, LA is not a place you want to be broke in! There's entirely too many amazing shit going on, and i want to ENJOY it when i move back...not be pissed off that i'm scraping by just to live in LA.

I started thinking more about Portland a few weeks ago, and at first i think i tried to convince myself that it sucks compared to LA, but the time i spent there was really lovely. It's clean, green, CHEAPER, has some rad sub cultures, i mean it's a city, and after awhile i couldn't remember why i ruled out Portland so quickly. My brother lived there for about a year and really only had one bad thing to say: he hated the winter weather, but trust me, i'll take anything milder than Colorado winters!

I realized i could move sooner/easier to Portland than LA at this point, i'd be able to spend money on the shit i love and live still, while saving to get back down to LA eventually. When i'm stuck here, i feel like i want to rush to move, but if i'm living somewhere i enjoy, it's not a complete drag waiting until i can relocate. I feel so so so relieved after i really settled on this decision in my head! I love Oregon...over-cast skies, fog, dope forests and honestly i could do without everyone's "LA" attitude for awhile.

So, Los Angeles is still in the mix, it's just going to take more time, but be much more worth it in the end i think.

I know where i'm going for once, and it feels fucking great

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