I'm proud of myself for actually coming up with a costume this year, i usually flake out. I wanted to be a ghoulish Alice in Wonderland after i found an old blue bubble dress i wore for graduation (hated it at the time). I didn't want it to be the typical style though, a little tweaked. My mom and i found a great little yellow gingham apron, which i smeared blood on, brought out my garter belt which is fun and my favorite part was ratting the HELL out of my hair. (i just finished brushing it out after an hour, what a nightmare!)

shitty pictures, but i haven't gotten the rest from going out

Went to a circus themed performance, "The Salt Fire Circus" which was sooooo cool! Really great costumes, aerialist stuff, very kitschy and fun!

The Zombie March went down main street, which was cool i guess...still wishing i were in LA though, Durango just can't compare!

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