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Day 5 of my LA roadtrip!

Staying in Echo Park, and i've had such a blast so far! Last night i went to a new club called VOYEUR, and it's officially my favorite...topless, masked girls are dancing in corners and hanging from the ceiling, djs and uhhh David Spade? There were definitely some 'funny' celebrities in there. $14 cocktails were kind of a buzz-kill but it's a really sick club, lots to look at :)

Hit up Wasteland (a MUST), Ameoba (too much that i want!), Hive gallery and some other random spots, found some items i'm VERY excited about...one is for a secret DIY project that's going to blow some minds, in my personal opinion :)
Hungout at Smashbox studios a bit, which i personally found really cool and interesting, just seeing where the production of some rad stuff goes down!

I'm so glad i came on this trip, it's been a good bonding experience and also reminds me how much i love LA, but that it'll be here still when i decide to move back...it'll only get better with time i'm sure!

Many pictures to come, now i'll get back to planning my Thanksgiving "Native Princess" outfit!

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