RIP Daul Kim

i meant to post this earlier in the week...so tragic. i used to keep up with her blog, and in hindsight, she was indeed a very tortured soul.


oh god, i finally returned from LA, after a 17 hour drive (supposed to be 12 hours) through snow and i'm so glad to be home!!
i'm sick as a dog with a cold right now, but i enjoyed seeing my friends and traveling with my girls!

My mind is jello right now, and there's so much in LA that i can't wait to post about...photographers at the MOCA, The Hive gallery, Voyeur club, photo shoot at Smashbox, dog friends and more. I need a day or so to better collect my thoughts, get my photos developed and whatnot, then i'll have a massive post!

for now though, who's seen the 80's movie "RAD"? it's like the bmx version of "Gleaming the Cube" i suppose. The cheese-factor is off the charts in this...


Back Back to Cali Cali

Day 5 of my LA roadtrip!

Staying in Echo Park, and i've had such a blast so far! Last night i went to a new club called VOYEUR, and it's officially my favorite...topless, masked girls are dancing in corners and hanging from the ceiling, djs and uhhh David Spade? There were definitely some 'funny' celebrities in there. $14 cocktails were kind of a buzz-kill but it's a really sick club, lots to look at :)

Hit up Wasteland (a MUST), Ameoba (too much that i want!), Hive gallery and some other random spots, found some items i'm VERY excited about...one is for a secret DIY project that's going to blow some minds, in my personal opinion :)
Hungout at Smashbox studios a bit, which i personally found really cool and interesting, just seeing where the production of some rad stuff goes down!

I'm so glad i came on this trip, it's been a good bonding experience and also reminds me how much i love LA, but that it'll be here still when i decide to move back...it'll only get better with time i'm sure!

Many pictures to come, now i'll get back to planning my Thanksgiving "Native Princess" outfit!



For any LookBook.nu members, i've had an account for the past year and a half or so...nothing too exciting, as i seem to never have the camera near for my favorite outfits (arg!). I'm going to work on posting more, but i've mostly been commenting on the forums & of course hyping looks!


i just love La Roux...she's got such a cool voice & look.
this song's great, and the video is even greater!


♥ ♥ ♥

skate with Miles Davis & his crew...

Ian Johnson for Western Edition

Topshop FTW, fool!

of course topshop's longline bra selection is my favorite...this is adorable.

i can't decide which glovies i like more, but i know that i NEED some.

mmmm...the gunmetal color could go with ALOT.

these look super comfortable for heels!

this tiger sweater is especially rad because there's a zipper up the back!


Maybe you can owe me?
Or should we wait and see?
'Cause I've been saving up for something we need,
As long as you're open to the possibility, yeah.


"Broken Girl"-lifesize sculpture by Adnagaporp

clearly modeled after Edie Sedgwick, very very beautiful and interesting ♥


i'm more than ready for this.


A good old visceral experience!

Lastnight a friend had the old 1964 movie "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living & Became Mixed-Up Zombies" which was playing on mute on a slowed down setting. In the background a band i've never heard of called 'Talkdemonic' was playing (i later changed the music to Sigur Ros). The music would always seem to catch up to the movie perfectly, and it was really really beautiful. I highly suggest renting it and playing a straight playlist of these bands instead of the dialogue...

sound off...

sound ON...

THA funkee homosapien

i have a long-standing infatuation with Del... His voice has such a perfect, individual cadence to it. He's such a fucking GENIUS!

Totally a weirdo, but in the best way possible...the rap scene needs more of them!!