Wildfox Couture

Living in LA, i discovered Wildfox Couture shopping one day, and i admired some leggings and tees, but alone, the clothing didn't really catch my attention too much. HOWEVER, i glanced at a few of the past season's lookbooks and the STYLING was what got me! I guess it's not so much that i even like the pieces more, but just the themes and look give me so many ideas!

I love the boldness of certain pieces that are dressed down with tees, ripped tights or very basic fabrics & the fact that each lookbook literally tells a little story. Just aestetically pleasing in a fun way, when i get a little tired of looking at high fashion (yeah, just said that...weird). The Winter 08 was the one that caught my fancy, just because it was so very "LA". The Summer 09 channels Dazed & Confused, starting with the hazing scene. I suppose i'm just a big fan of recreations of old favorites...and it only gets better.

you can check out the site wildfoxcouture.com as well as their blog (AWESOME) ilovewildfox.com

BUT: Fall 09 takes the cake with a vampire theme that i prefer far more than any of the ridiculous movies/books/shows out now...and i love that it's got a bit of that Terry Richardson style. Enjoy :)

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