a real heartbreaking story

The other day i was thrifting and one of the employees was putting out new items, one of which was a pair of Tod's brown leather tall boots...literally worn like no more than 3 times i bet, only a half size big and how much were they asking for them?

$6!!! holy shit, it's practically unheard of to find $600+ shoes (or anything!) for that cheap, especially in a place like Durango!

Here's the biggest bummer though, i only had 3 bucks on me and they couldn't hold the boots so i hid them in a rack (haha, thrifting is a serious matter) and planned to get there RIGHT when the door opened the next day...well i missed my alarm to get up, ran over there 45 minutes after they opened and MY boots were GONE!

i almost cried, but i really hope whoever got those knows how amazing they are...

luckily, i went to Carpe Denim for some vintage stimulation and was over-joyed to find a perfect long-line strapless bra that i plan on wearing very soon! i think i may do a little post all about Carpe Denim because they're getting better and better items and i love going in to see rows of boots, belts, fur coats and more...trying to do projects focused on the really wonderful things in Durango before i leave, excited about this!

while i'm on the subject of boots though...(which i often am)

See by Chloe, so sick!

Paciotti.....love boots with the button thing going on

not sure who these are by, but i've been noticing boots with buckle "garter" detail on top, so cool, want some soon!

VERY awesome A. McQueen boots, liking the little skulls for zipper pulls alot!

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