if you give a fuck about anything going on in the world...

try to catch "Latino in America: Chasing the American Dream" on CNN.

i've grown up in a town that has a significant latino community, and i all too often see/hear the remarks and jokes...admittedly i'm guilty of either laughing or somehow NOT helping rid the stereotype. I've grown to really respect and embrace the positive differences between others who are lucky enough to not get the boring old title of "caucasian/white" (seriously, i WISH i had a more mixed ethnic background!). we're all human, and i love all the differences that seperate each person in their uniqueness, but when it comes to targeting others based on their race is straight backwards.

I don't know if this is all just rambling but that program really struck a nerve.
Americans say we're free, and constantly ooze about it being "the best place on earth" or whatever, and we travel/move to different countries expecting to be accepted, yet for some reason we still tell thousands if not millions that they simply are not allowed. Guess what, foreign countries aren't always jazzed on us coming to their land, but in America we seem to think we can do whatever we want. It nauseates me!

We make up BULLSHIT excuses why we just can't accept certain races, and latinos get the same reasoning of "they're stealing our jobs." When's the last time you saw a white man or woman being housekeepers, maids, fruit pickers, uhhh basically jobs that are seen as "degrading." They're taking advantage of doing whatever it takes to build a better life, while we take advantage of the fact that they'll work for less. We're completely using them, but still bitch and moan...face it, the crackers of America damn well know they don't need those jobs, they just would hate to come foward and say they're a "RACIST". So maybe the next time someone's complaining about the subject, they should think about how many everyday things are at their convenience because of immigrants. Produce, cars, your nice clean hotels, so much more.

My point is, we're all made out of the same organs, blood & bone, we're all human beings. So many tolerance issues have been resolved greatly in the past, except for racism. And at this point in time, you're fooling yourself to think for a second that you're better than someone based on the fucking pigment of their skin. Racism is an elitist idea, but when i see it, i feel that those people are complete bottom feeding scum...not mightier than anyone. So get with the times people, the future has no room for racism.

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