Out with the old...

i just couldn't stomach the URL of my old blog..."queen juicy", really? evidently my taste has evolved since 9th grade...yuck. so in turn i've revamped. my life is entering a different chapter, and certain things just need a little change. the old posts are still at http://queenjuicy.blogspot.com/


still in little Durango, and the summer's coming to an end. while i'm trying to enjoy what time i have left before i move back to LA, the crowd here is enough to make a person tear their hair out! everyone knows LA's notorious for drama, but at least it's a big enough place with enough people, that you can easily find other places to go, people to see.
the end of october is when i'm shooting to head back to the big city, and at last i'll be living alone, no roommates! (i prefer not having to worry about bothering people by how i live, i've had roommate nightmares in the past)

more posts are always on the way

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