My 21st birthday is tomorrow, or rather in less than 9 hours! Very weird because at this age, you're an adult and there's no getting around it. I feel like only moving foward with things from now on, i've gotten some closure on stuff and i'm feeling good about it all.

One of my best friends came to visit for a week, which was so wonderful! Adventures galore! Lots of Chelada beer was consumed heh. Saw 'Jennifer's Body' TWICE this weekend, and honestly i dig it. Diablo Cody did a really great job, in that it was an original plot, pretty good humor though a tad excessive on all the slang, and a handful of talented actors. Megan Fox did a fine job, i mean it WAS a teen role for a horror movie, i don't know why everyone expected her to bust out some award-winning dialogue...take it for what it is, and i think she was't bad at all. I guess it's not one for those who can't handle crude humor, gore and satanic elements, but i'm not one of those people luckily!

Also, i'm an avid LookBook.nu fan, and lately this girl Frida from Sweden's style has been blowing my mind. I wish i were this stylish at 16, jesus christ! you can check out her blog at: http://fyndigt.devote.se/

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